10 best Silvio Rodriguez songs according to UachateC

At UachateC we choose the 10 best Silvio Rodriguez songs according to our personal taste.
This list is subjective and can be very different from any other fan of the artist so leave your opinion in the comments.

Silvio Rodríguez is undoubtedly the best troubadour in history and he has authored hundreds of works of art among which we have given ourselves the task of choosing our 10 favorites.

10. Unicornio azul

My blue unicorn was lost yesterday … some say that it was a son that Silvio Rodríguez lost, others that it was a friendship, others that inspiration and it is even said that it could have been a blue pencil, it is not known for sure What if you are sure of it is that whatever it is that he lost that day, the world of music received in exchange one of the most memorable melodies in the history of trova and perhaps music in general.

♫ …y puede parecer acaso
una obsesión,
pero no tengo más
que un unicornio azul
y aunque tuviera dos
yo solo quiero aquel ♪

Best Silvio Rodriguez songs

9. Monólogo

There are certain melodies that in UachateC we usually say that they sound like «Juan Rulfo» and «Comala» and almost all of them enchant us, this is (Along with «Jacinto Cenobio») the most illustrious example of these songs, and it is that The village scenes entail are difficult to achieve with the mastery that is embodied here.

♫ Yo también me alegraba
entre amigos y cuerdas,
con licores y damas,
mas de eso quién se acuerda ♪

Best Silvio Rodriguez songs

8. Playa Girón

The protest song is always a fundamental part of the trova and few songs have managed to be as accurate as this one that simply asks:

♫ Si alguien roba comida y después da la vida, ¿Qué hacer? ♪

The Cuban trova movement has always been characterized by being a constant cry of struggle and songs like this show it in a beautiful way.

Best Silvio Rodriguez songs

7. Oh Melancolía

We are convinced that after the Japanese with some of their artistic works, the best examples of the word melancholy that exist are printed on the guitar and in the voice of some Cuban troubadour, in this list there are several examples of it and of course it cannot be Outside is this title that expresses it wonderfully.

♫ Oh melancolía, novia silenciosa
Íntima pareja del ayer
Oh melancolía, amante dichosa
Siempre me arrebata tu placer ♪

Best Silvio Rodriguez songs

6. Ya no te espero

Always on our lists there are some songs that are not especially popular but that came to our knowledge through experiences of our youth and that with their lyrics decided to stay forever in our minds, this is the case of this melody that with phrases as direct as the here captured they entered our musical heritage never to leave again.

♪ Ya hay un primero de Enero… ♫

♫ Ya no te espero
Porque de esperarte hay odio ♪

Best Silvio Rodriguez songs

5. Te doy una canción

It is not our favorite song of the author but it is the most special and it is due to the phrase:

♫ Como gasto papeles recordándote
como me haces hablar en el silencio
como no te me quitas… de las ganas
aunque nadie me ve nunca contigo
y como pasa el tiempo…
que de pronto son años
sin pasar tu por mi… detenida… ♪

Which is a fundamental part of our life …

Best Silvio Rodriguez songs

4. Mariposas

The reason why many songs appear on the tops we make here usually has its own woman name and this is one of those cases. You already know that moment when suddenly you again have a certain stupid hope in something that you know will not happen and suddenly you hear:

♫ Hoy viene a ser como la cuarta vez que espero
Desde que sé que no vendrás más nunca ♪

And it reaches the depths of your soul. Well, that happened with this song and that is why we love it.

Best Silvio Rodriguez songs

3. Óleo de una mujer con sombrero

The top 3 is full of moments that come to our mind as soon as we listen to any of the chords that make up these three melodies, in the case that occupies the bronze, we can say that it is the first song that showed us that Silvio is 3 or 4 steps above any other troubadour in the world.

This song is perhaps at the poetry level the song that we like the most about the author, however the following two evoke in us a greater amount of feelings.

♫ Una mujer se ha perdido
conocer el delirio y el polvo,
se ha perdido esta bella locura,
su breve cintura debajo de mí.
Se ha perdido mi forma de amar,
se ha perdido mi huella en su mar ♪

2. Ángel para un final

I met this song in distant high school days when I met the typical pretty girl, half hippie, a fan of that Silvio, who was for us a singer whom we knew from having listened to «Ojalá», «Sueño de una noche de verano» and little else, however that girl told me» I love Silvio Rodríguez, my favorite is «Angel para un final» listen to it «and I listened to it and thank God I did it because from that day I discovered that that interpreter of «Ojalá» is simply the best exponent of music in Spanish lenguage history.

♫ Ahora comprendo en total
este silencio mortal,
ángel que pasa,
besa y te abraza,
ángel para un
final ♪

Best Silvio Rodriguez songs

1. Requiem

The song that in my opinion is the most melancholic of Silvio is also one of the least known, at least of the ones that are in this top, however it manages to reach the highest position thanks to its beautiful combination of sad poetry that we bristles the skin every time we hear it.

♫ Anda, corre donde debas ir
Anda, que te espera el porvenir ♪

Best Silvio Rodriguez songs

Best Silvio Rodriguez songs
Best Silvio Rodriguez songs

Do you agree with our list? What is your favorite Silvio Rodríguez song? Leave your opinion in the comments:

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