10 photos of Saori Rodríguez to show why she is one of the most beautiful in Cracks

We show you 10 photos of Saori Rodríguez to show why she is one of the most beautiful in Cracks

Saori Rodríguez is a Mexican broadcaster and streamer who is part of the YouTube channels Cracks and Cracks MX, dedicated to soccer and other sports.

Saori is in charge of presenting news, analysis, interviews and reports on the world of national and international football. Furthermore, she has her own Twitch channel where she shares her love for video games, anime, and Japanese culture. Saori is passionate about Club América and Bayer Leverkusen, and she usually interacts with her followers on her social networks like Twitter and Instagram.

Photos of Saori Rodriguez

Here we show you:

10. America

Even the staunchest critics of America would change teams for a fan like her.

Photos of Saori Rodriguez
Photos of Saori Rodriguez

9. Professional

Every day she dazzles us with her beauty in her participation in cracks.

photos of Saori Rodriguez
Photos of Saori Rodriguez


She have more than 74 thousand followers on her Instagram account and that makes her a very influential person.

7. Elegant

She has an elegance that transmits with any outfit.


If you don’t feel like going to the gym, remember that you could run into her to cheer you up.

5. Spring

Her spring dress looks beautiful to enjoy this heat.

4. Soccer

We know she love soccer and this image shows it.


She looks beautiful in her day-to-day Jeans.

2. Smile

Her smile frames the face of one of the most beautiful women in all of Mexico.

1. eyes

She has a beautiful look thanks to spectacular eyes.

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