The 6 best mangas of Inio Asano according to UachateC

In this article, we will review some of the best mangas of Inio Asano.

Inio Asano is one of the most outstanding authors of the current generation of mangakas. His works are characterized by a realistic style, both in drawing and in stories, which reflect the emotions, conflicts and aspirations of young people in contemporary society.

With a mixture of drama, humor, surrealism and fantasy, Asano creates unique works that leave no one indifferent.

The 6 best mangas of Inio Asano according to UachateC

1. Good Night, Punpun

With its thirteen volumes, Good Night Punpun is Inio Asano’s longest manga by far. An atypical story that follows the life and experiences of the young Onodera Punpun, from elementary school until he turns 20 years old. The curious note is that the protagonist visualizes himself as an adorable chick.

Through his eyes, we see the world with an innocent look, but also raw and disenchanted. Punpun faces family, love, school and existential problems, while she searches for her place in the world and her reason for being. A masterpiece that combines black humor, drama and surrealism.

Best mangas of Inio Asano
Best mangas of Inio Asano

2. Solanine

Solanin is a graphic novel about relationships, dreams, and the reality surrounding a group of young adults struggling to find their place in the world and in a society that forces them to grow up.

It is a work that reveals the fears and uncertainties felt by all those who go from following a path marked out by studies to being in an uncertain place where each step taken can mark the future of said person. Music plays an important role in the story, since it is the way of expression and escape of the protagonists. Solanin is a moving, realistic and optimistic work.

Best mangas of Inio Asano

3. The Girl by the Sea

The Girl on the Seashore is an erotic manga (not hentai!) that shows us that it’s not so easy to separate reason from the heart.

It tells the story of Sato and Isobe, two students who live in a small town on the coast. Due to various circumstances, both make the decision to start a strictly physical relationship, although with the passage of time feelings begin to make an appearance, something that threatens to blow up their pact. The work explores themes such as sexuality, love, friendship and the future in a mature and sincere way.

Best mangas of Inio Asano

4. Dead Dead Demons Dededede Destruction

Dead Dead Demons Dededede Destruction is Asano’s latest work and is currently active.

The story takes place in a Tokyo invaded by mysterious aliens called «the visitors». However, life takes its course for the protagonists, a group of high school girls who are dedicated to hanging out between classes, video games and social networks. The work mixes slice of life with science fiction and absurd humor, showing how the characters adapt to an extraordinary situation without losing their everyday life.

Best mangas of Inio Asano

5. Nijigahara Holograph

Nijigahara Holograph is a complex and dark work, which is based on flashbacks and flashforwards to tell a story full of mystery, violence and symbolism.

The plot revolves around a group of children who discover a secret tunnel in the countryside called Nijigahara (the rainbow meadow), where according to legend a giant butterfly lives that can cause the end of the world.

Years later, the children have become adults marked by their past traumas and secrets. The work plays with the perception of time, space and reality, creating an oppressive and disturbing atmosphere.

Best mangas of Inio Asano

6. Inio Asano Anthology

Inio Asano Anthology is a compilation of nine short stories that show all the style, magic and evolution of this very characteristic author. The stories range from drama to comedy, through horror and fantasy.

Some of the most outstanding are: The monstrous Retchan, a love story between a girl with a tumor on her face and a boy who accepts her as she is; The soft man, a reflection on masculinity and fatherhood; Tigers and Lions, a fable about friendship and survival; Sunflowers, a story about art and inspiration; and Tempest, a masterpiece about the passage of time and destiny.

Best mangas of Inio Asano

These are just some of the works of Inio Asano, an author who never ceases to amaze us with his talent and sensitivity. If you want to delve into Asano’s universe, we recommend that you read any of his works, since they all have something special that will make you reflect, get excited and enjoy the manga like never before.

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