The 100 most beautiful Mexican women on Instagram

5. Sammy Rivera

Gamer who uses his TikTok account to stream games and interact with his followers. He has amassed 3.5 million followers. He often includes a face camera alongside the game he records.

4. Paola Ortiz

166 thousand followers

Mexican actress, model and host.

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3. Domelipa

Social media star who became known for her self-titled TikTok account where she has more than 64 million fans. She has gained massive popularity for her choreographed lip-syncs and short videos of her everyday life. In June of 2020, she joined the social group CheliHouse.

2. Susy Diaz

105 thousand followers

God sees, God knows, God has a plan.
lifestyle n’ fashion.

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1. Mafer Garcia de Leon

242 thousand followers

I am not all that you see, nor do you see all that I am.🦋

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