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The 100 most beautiful women in Peru of 2023

46. ​​Natalia de la Flor

Peruvian TikTok star who won a crown for his eponymous channel. She has gained massive popularity for her lip-syncing to original choreography to popular songs.

47. Melina Chavez

Short form content creator on TikTok who is known for sharing comedy videos on her eponymous account. She has more than 1.2 million dedicated followers on the platform.

Most beautiful women in Peru
Most beautiful women in Peru

48. Claudia Chiroque

Claudia Chiroque is the beautiful host of the news program ‘Buenos Días, Peru’, she gets serious or smiles depending on what is being broadcast on the screens. Outside the set, the lights and cameras, she brings out the norteño, charismatic and fun spirit.

49. Maria Grazia Gamarra

María Grazia del Carmen Gamarra Larrea is a Peruvian actress, singer, model and businesswoman. She is best known for the leading role of María Esperanza Navarro in the telenovela Mis tres Marías, Catalina Yrigoyen in the sequel Mi amor, el wachimán and the starring role of Macarena Montalbán in the series Al fondo hay sitio.

50. Yahaira Plasencia

Yahaira Maciel Plasencia Quintanilla is a Peruvian singer, model, dancer, television personality, and businesswoman.

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