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The 100 most beautiful women in Peru of 2023

66. Luana Barron Yabar 

Peruvian Instagram star who has earned more than 1 million followers on her account.

67. Ximena Moral

The Peruvian social media star is one of the leading figures in the lifestyle and beauty industry. She usually shares photos in which she shows her looks and her travels. Ximena Moral also spreads day-to-day photographs of her with little Noah, her son with the musician Diego Ubierna.

68. Clarisse Chi

Influential social media presence known primarily for her clarisse_chi Instagram account, where she has over 40,000 followers.

69. Michela Elias

Social media star who is famous for her mikkielias95 Instagram account. She has gained massive popularity for her lingerie, bikini, and streetwear style modeling as well as her lifestyle photos.

70. Domenica Delgado

Peruvian-born social media star who is well known for her DomeDelgado Instagram account. She has become popular for her lifestyle, photography, and modeling.

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