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The 100 most beautiful women in Peru of 2023

26. Sirena Ortiz

Actress who became a breakout star in 2017 with her debut role as Sara Bravo Gutiérrez on the Peruvian comedy series De Vuelta al Barrio.

27. Karime Scander

Karime Scander Valderrama is a Peruvian actress and internet celebrity, recognized mainly for the role of Alessia Montalbán in the soap opera Al fondo hay sitio.

28. Brunella Horna

He was born in 1996, in the city of Chiclayo in northern Peru. She is currently a recognized and sought-after model.

29. Veronica Montes

Verónica Montes is a Peruvian actress and model based in Mexico. She is known for her performance in series such as El señor de los cielos, La piloto and Papá a toda madre.

30. Janick Maceta

Janick Alexandra Maceta del Castillo is a Peruvian model, sound engineer, and beauty queen. She represented her country in the Miss Universe 2020 pageant, where she managed to place second runner-up.

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