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The 100 most beautiful women in Peru of 2023

36. Claudia Serpa

Peruvian pop singer and TV personality who gained national attention when she was a contestant on Combate and La Voz Perú in 2015. In 2017, she became a cast member for the sketch comedy El Wasap of JB.

Most beautiful women in Peru

37. Aylin Criss

Popular social media star and content creator who has gained popularity for her aylin.criss TikTok account. Dance videos of her and lip syncs of her have earned her more than 17 million fans on the platform. She shares modeling photos on her aylincriss Instagram account, where she has earned 2.2 million followers.

Most beautiful women in Peru
Most beautiful women in Peru

38. Luana Barron

At 23 years old, Luana Barrón has more than 900 thousand followers on Instagram and it is not in vain. Her passage through beauty shows, catwalks, international collaborations, luxury brands and also her own ventures make her one of the most popular young references on the fashion scene.

Most beautiful women in Peru

39. Lucyweird

She is one of the most popular streamers in Latin America.

40. Shirley Arica

Model, television personality, and social media influencer who competed on the first season of El Gran Show. He finished 7th of 10.

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