The 10 most beautiful women in El Salvador in 2023

These are the 10 most beautiful women in El Salvador at the moment.

We gave ourselves the task of choosing the 10 most beautiful women in El Salvador and after much discussion we came to this result as the most beautiful. They are 10 of our platonic loves within that country.

Most beautiful women of El Salvador

These are our results of the most beautiful in El Salvador

10. Zully Rodriguez

Zully Rodríguez Salvadoran journalist with taste and knowledge for sports and with remarkable beauty.

Instagram: Zully Rodriguez (@zullyrodriguezm) • Instagram photos and videos

most beautiful women in El Salvador
Most beautiful women in El Salvador

9. Tuty Santamaria

Tuty Santamaria is a young presenter who has become recognized for her beauty and her talent in front of the cameras. The host of Fuera de Línea is characterized by her charisma and in El Salvador she is considered the sexiest in the country.

Instagram: Tuty Santamaria (@tutysantamaria) • Instagram photos and videos

8. Larissa Vega

Larissa Vega is Miss El Salvador for Miss World 2014 and competed in Miss World 2014. She currently resides in San Salvador where she is in school majoring in Communications.

Instagram: LARISSA VEGA GRANIELLO (@larissagraniello) • Instagram photos and videos

Most beautiful women in El Salvador

7. Caro Sandoval

Caro Sandoval has a loyal audience on social networks. With her beauty and charisma, she manages to connect with them through her posts.

Instagram: CAROSANDOVAL 🇸🇻 (@carosandoval__) • Instagram photos and videos

Most beautiful women in El Salvador

6. Andrea Mariona

Her charisma and commitment to everything she does has allowed Andrea Mariona to climb in the world of media and social networks.

Instagram: Andrea Mariona (@andrea_mariona) • Instagram photos and videos

5. Alejandra Maria Gavidia Garcia

In the case of Miss Universe, 25-year-old Alejandra Gavidia was chosen, who was one of the big surprises since the names of all the participants who fought for the crown that accredits her as the most beautiful woman in this edition were announced. From El Salvador.

Instagram: Alejandra Gavidia (@alejandragavidiasv) • Instagram photos and videos

4. Daniela Ardon

Daniela Ardón began to be recognized in the country and in the television world for having been part of the youth program «Buena Onda». This young host arrived at Channel 33 in 2017, where she shared a set of recordings and cameras with Steveen Lara, Kike and «El Gordo».

Instagram: Daniela Ardón. (@danielardon) • Instagram photos and videos

Most beautiful women of El Salvador
Most beautiful women in El Salvador

3. Luciana Sandoval

Luciana José Sandoval de Rubio, better known as Luciana Sandoval, is a Salvadoran presenter, announcer and model. She represented her country in various beauty pageants in Colombia and the Philippines.

Instagram: Luciana Sandoval (@lucianasandovalsv) • Instagram photos and videos

2. Vivian Lizbeth Jimenez

Vivian became the first Queen of the Carnival of San Miguel from the El Jalacatal Canton. Since she started the beauty contest of that municipality in 2016, the young woman with delicate features and abundant dark hair, emerged as her great favorite. It was these and other attributes that allowed him to win that important title.

1. Irene Castillo

IRENE CASTILLO, a beautiful 23-year-old model, with light eyes and 1.71 meters tall, has revolutionized the networks and the media in El Salvador.

Instagram: Irene Castillo (@irenecastillotv) • Instagram photos and videos

Honorable mentions

  • Gaby Izaguirre

A beautiful Salvadoran karate champion. Gaby Izaguirre has titles in this discipline at the level of Central America and the Caribbean.

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Most beautiful women in El Salvador

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