The 100 Most Beautiful Women of México of 2023

51. Patty Cantu

Patricia Giovanna Cantú Velasco, artistically known as Paty Cantú, is a Mexican singer, actress, presenter, philanthropist, activist, and composer.

Born: November 25, 1983, Guadalajara

Most beautiful women of Mexico

52. Talia Eisset

Talía Eisset rose to fame for being part of the first generation of Acapulco Shore and returned to reality for three more seasons.

53. Lluvia Carrillo

Carrillo, is quite a celebrity on Instagram, since it exceeds 200 thousand followers and so far has 466 publications. In his profile, he shows the great passion he has for his work on television and his love for soccer.

Most beautiful women of Mexico
Most beautiful women of Mexico

54. Lynda Parra

Popular social media star and content creator who has gained a large following on her lyndaparra TikTok account. Her comedic videos of her have amassed more than 7 million fans on the platform.

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55. Daniela Basso

Daniela Basso is a 33-year-old Mexican actress and television host who, in 2022, is married to soccer player Raul Jiménez, the forward of the Mexican soccer team, with whom she has two children.

Born: June 23, 1989, Mexico

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