10 best songs of Björk according to UachateC

In UachateC we celebrate by choosing 10 best songs of Björk in our opinion. Since November 21 when she was born in Iceland she has given voice to the Icelandic music of the 20th century

We warn that she will have many songs from her movie Dancer in the Dark because we just love it, take into account that it is our opinion, leave yours in her comments.

10 best songs of Björk according to UachateC

10. In the musicals – Selmasongs

As we discussed above, we love Dancer in the dark and it is because of scenes like this that the film is forever etched in the mind of the viewer, a drama stronger than most of what Hollywood dares to film is intertwined with scenes of great beauty in which this woman who sees life in such a difficult way takes the time to feel her life and love her life as if it were a musical.

♫ Why do I love it so much?
What kind of magic is this?
How come I can’t help adore it?
It’s just another musical ♪

Best songs of Björk

9. Violently Happy – Debut

Debut was the first album we heard and analyzed by this great artist and it is where her journey as a soloist begins with unique melodies that put her on the musical map forever, after this she would never touch the ground again, Violently Happy is without doubt one of our favorites for its simplicity without neglecting all the style that would make her one of the most influential people in the world of music of the twentieth century.

♫ Violently happy
Cause I love you
Violently happy
But you´re not here ♪

Best songs of Björk

8. All is full of love – Homogenic

Already in his third album and having already surrendered to all the musical critics at his feet, he released this single that quickly became one of his most famous and beloved songs, in the writing we love it since we see how his art was evolving taking it every time higher in the esteem of his followers.

♫ Twist your head around
It’s all around you
All is full of love
All around you ♪

Best songs of Björk

7. Mutual core – Biophilia

This song is the most recent on our list, as the name implies, this song talks about human relationships and makes an analogy with the tectonic plates of the earth, which are usually peaceful but occasionally collide and release large amounts of energy.

♪ This eruption undoes stagnation
You didn’t know I had it in me
Withheld your love, an unspent capsule
I didn’t know you had it in you ♫

Best songs of Björk

6. Like Someone in love – Debut

Although it is hard to imagine Björk as an ordinary teenager, with her problems and concerns, as it is what shows in this melody that it is the first song that we fell in love with from the first album we heard from her and it is a perfect example of why you should listen to a album beyond their singles.

♫ Sometimes the things I do astound me
Mostly whenever you’re around me ♪

Best songs of Björk

5. Hyper Ballad – Post

We cannot leave aside this great song that is one of the favorites of his fans, part of his second album and that has made its way over the years to establish itself as one of the great classics within his extensive work.

♫ I go through all this
Before you wake up
So I can feel happier
To be safe up here with you ♪

Best songs of Björk

4. New world – Selmasongs

The second song from the film that makes its way onto our list is this beautiful theme, immediately after one of the strongest and most disturbing scenes that can be seen in any cinematographic work, this song makes its way that gives a little hope to despair that we have just witnessed, a work of musical art that closes a great job.

♪ If living is seeing
I’m holding my breath
In wonder – I wonder
What happens next?
A new world, a new day to see ♫

Best songs of Björk

3. Pagan poetry – Vespertine

Wikipedia says:

«» Pagan Poetry «has been highly praised by critics, citing it as a highlight of the album. Allmusic said of» Pagan Poetry «that it» shares a broad serenity with more of the album’s quieter moments «and included this song as a track selection, Rolling Stone magazine said: «Pagan Poetry» unfolds the skies of Zeena Parkins with the harp and a ship of music boxes with an Asian tea house touch. Blender said: «Pagan Poetry» sounds like the prelude to a particularly exotic sexual interlude. » In March 2006, at number 77 of the Spanish edition of Rolling Stone, «Pagan Poetry» was ranked at number 38 by Spanish music professionals and experts in a list of the best songs of the 21st century. Slant Magazine said of the album «Vespertine delicately leaves traces of the cycle of said relationship» and called the song «the loss of personal identity and the complete possessive trap» Pitchfork Media placed the song at number 227 on their list of «The Top 500 songs. from the 2000s «».

And we cannot agree more with all of the above, we are facing a full-blown masterpiece.

I once read in a Mexican magazine that the one who wrote there had walked around Paris listening to this song with his headphones and that it had been a spectacular experience.

I do not doubt for a second that it was so.

♫ On the surface simplicity
But the darkest pit in me
It’s pagan poetry
Pagan poetry ♪

Best songs of Björk

2. It’s oh so quiet – Post

We know that it is a bit predictable that this song will be on the podium but the truth is that it shows us Björk’s love for music and art in general, it is true that it is a cover, but what a cover! a great groundbreaking song also in terms of her music video winner of multiple awards around the world that deserves to be in second place although it is probably the most commercial work of her.

♫ You fall in love
Zing boom
The sky up above
Zing boom
Is caving in
Wow bam
You’ve never been so nuts about a guy
You wanna laugh you wanna cry
You cross your heart and hope to die ♪

Best songs of Björk

  1. I´ve seen it all – Selmasongs

We love Björk, we love Dancer in the dark and last but not least we also love Thom Yorke so the obvious choice for our first place was this work that has it all, lyrics, music and also Thom an immense song that we never got. we will tire of listening and recommending.

It is true that the scene of the film does not have the participation of the vocalist of Radiohead but it is the version that does have his voice that we will always prefer.

♫And the man you will marry
The home you will share
To be honest
I really don’t care ♪

Best songs of Björk

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Best songs of Björk
Best songs of Björk

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