10 best songs of Enrique Bunbury according to UachateC

At UachateC we choose the 10 best songs of Enrique Bunbury according to our personal tasteThis list is subjective and can be very different from any other fan of the artist so leave your opinion in the comments.

Enrique Bunbury is one of the most important Spanish-speaking artists and that is why today on his birthday we pay tribute to him by choosing the 10 most important songs of his authorship in our life.

It is very difficult to choose 10 songs by an artist who has dozens of songs under his belt that are part of the collective subconscious, but at UachateC we accept the challenge (Challenge accepted) and get down to work. (A heartfelt special mention for «Sácame de aquí» which we loved with all our might but was left out of the final cut»).

Note: We do not take into account songs from Héroes del Silencio since these are material for another Top

Best songs of Enrique Bunbury

10. Alicia (Expulsada al país de las maravillas)

Although it is not noticeable, in uachatec we like to read and that is why this song full of references to literature is part of our favorites, not to mention that the phrase: «he says he loves you when he has already left you» deeply penetrates our minds.

♫ Alicia dice que te quiere
cuando ya te ha abandonado. ♪

Best songs of Enrique Bunbury

9. Infinito

The melomania arrived late and that is why this song was the first we knew by Enrique Bunbury even before we had heard anything from the Heroes, that is why this song is so special for us since it opened the door for us to meet one of those artists that the soundtrack of our life is full of.

♫ Me calaste hondo
Y ahora me dueles ♪

Best songs of Enrique Bunbury

8. Lady Blue

Being totally honest «Flamingos» is the album that we love the most from Bunbury, and it is due to bits of puberty that invade us every time we listen to any of their songs and this is the first song from this album that appears on our list and that is Shouting at the top of your voice ♪ ladyyyyyyy, lady blue ♫ is something that will always bring to our memory moments of an ethylic youth that we will always long for.

♫ Dejo esta grabación
A falta de algo mejor
La soledad es un lugar
Tan vacío sin ti ♪

Best songs of Enrique Bunbury

7. El solitario (Diario de un borracho)

In the middle of 2011 «Licenciado Cantinas» broke into the music scene and did it in style with this sad song (like many of his works) that forced us to think and smile at the same time that we thanked life that this artist had decided to continue with his solo career for so many years.

♫ Se que nadie me quiere
Solo con mi pensamiento
Ay con tanto sufrimiento
Así cualquiera se muere ♪

Best songs of Enrique Bunbury

6. Que tengas suertecita

In my life there was a decade of a wave of depression during which certain artists and certain works joined together that helped feed that feeling of self-destruction that invaded me, from Muse with his «Absolution» to Jorge Luis Borges with his «Las Causas» happening By Bunbury’s «El viaje a ninguna parte» they became a fundamental part of my misfortune and among all the phrases that were said in that album, the following undoubtedly stood out:

♪ Que no te falte esa canción
Que repare tu corazón ♫

Reason enough to sneak into this list.

5. Si

«Flamingos» is undoubtedly his friendliest work for any type of listening and among all the songs that make up that work this is the most pop of them, a song that can undoubtedly be a recurring part in any radio station and that each that we listen to, we do it with a lot of affection and a smile in our hearts.

♫ Quién pudo ser? quiero que seas tú
Dí­melo! dí­melo una vez! ♪

Best songs of Enrique Bunbury

4. El Jinete

It is no secret the almost unhealthy admiration that we have in UachateC for José Alfredo Jiménez and it is not the first time that we mention that this version of the rider is one of the best cover to the Mexican charro that we have heard, so this couple of reasons placed without problem at the door of our podium.

♫ La quería más que a su vida
y la perdió para siempre
por eso lleva una herida
por eso busca la muerte ♪

Best songs of Enrique Bunbury

3. De todo el mundo

It is not his best lyrics, nor is it his best video, nor is it part of his best record work, however it is (in our opinion) his best interpretation, the feeling that permeates this song is enough to take the bronze among our favorites and is that that ♫ soooooy vagaaaaabundo ♪ reaches us very deep in the heart.

♫ Soy vagabundo siempre de paso
De aquí de allá de todo el mundo
No tengo dueño, no soy tu esclavo
Un poco tuyo y de todo el mundo ♪

Best songs of Enrique Bunbury

2. Los restos del naufragio

That decade of depression that I mentioned somewhere higher on this list is directly responsible for our first two places, «El viaje a ninguna parte» always sounded to us a hopeful sadness and saying:

♫ Nos queda el mar y un buen pescado que comer a tu lado
y eso solo será si vuelves, claro! ♪

It filled us with a pleasant illusion that encouraged us to try it for one more day.

Best songs of Enrique Bunbury

  1. …y al final

And speaking of a hopeful sadness:

♫ Y al final
Te atare con todas mis fuerzas
Mis brazos serán cuerdas al bailar este vals ♪

There is nothing more to explain that he does not say that phrase which filled us with the desire to continue believing that in the end everything would turn out well and it would have been worth it when dancing that waltz.

Best songs of Enrique Bunbury
Best songs of Enrique Bunbury

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