The 10 best songs of Lana del Rey according to UachateC

In this article, we present you the 10 best songs of Lana del Rey in our opinion.

Lana del Rey is one of the most popular and acclaimed artists in alternative music.

His unique style combines elements of pop, rock, folk, and indie, creating songs full of nostalgia, melancholy, and beauty.

The 10 best songs by Lana del Rey according to UachateC

10. Video Games (2011)

The song that launched Lana del Rey to stardom is an ode to romantic love and escape from reality through video games. With a soft melody and a sweet voice, Lana sings about a boyfriend who treats her badly but makes her feel alive.

9. Born to Die (2012)

The title track from Lana del Rey’s self-titled album is a dramatic and epic song about the tragic fate of a couple living on the edge. With a background choir and an orchestra, Lana expresses her desire to die young and leave a beautiful corpse.

8. Summertime Sadness (2012)

One of Lana del Rey’s best-known and danceable songs is this electronic ballad that narrates the sadness of a woman who loses her lover in the summer. With a catchy beat and repeating chorus, Lana conveys her nostalgia for sunny days and lost love.

7. Young and Beautiful (2013)

The song that was part of the soundtrack of the movie The Great Gatsby is a beautiful piece that reflects the insecurity and fear of the passage of time of a woman who falls in love with a rich and powerful man. With an angelic voice and soulful piano, Lana wonders if her lover will still love her when she is no longer young and beautiful.

6. West Coast (2014)

The song that opened the album Ultraviolence is a rock and sensual song that describes the toxic relationship between a woman and an older man who lives on the west coast of the United States. With a change in tempo and a guitar riff, Lana sings about the magnetism and danger of her lover.

Best songs of Lana del Rey

5. Brooklyn Baby (2014)

The song that closes the album Ultraviolence is a tongue-in-cheek and funny song that parodies the hipster lifestyle of young people living in Brooklyn, New York. With a folky tune and sarcastic voice, Lana pokes fun at the clichés and pretensions of her musician boyfriend.

Best songs of Lana del Rey

4. High by the Beach (2015)

The lead song on the album Honeymoon is a laid-back, atmospheric track that talks about wanting to escape the pressures and expectations of fame and love. With an electronic sound and a whispery voice, Lana expresses her longing to be alone and stoned on the beach.

Best songs of Lana del Rey

3. Love (2017)

The album opener Lust for Life is an upbeat and hopeful song that celebrates love and youth in difficult times. With a sweet melody and a warm voice, Lana sings about the beauty and magic of being in love.

Best songs of Lana del Rey

2. Mariners Apartment Complex (2018)

The song that preceded the Norman Fucking Rockwell album is a folk-rock song that tells the story of a woman who tries to comfort a depressed man and convince him that she can be his salvation. With an acoustic guitar and a confident voice, Lana tells him that she is her man.

Best songs of Lana del Rey

1. Venice Bitch (2018)

Lana del Rey’s longest and most experimental song is this almost 10-minute masterpiece that mixes pop, psychedelic rock and ambient. With various changes of pace and key, Lana sings about wild and free love in Venice, California.

best songs of Lana del Rey
Best songs of Lana del Rey

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