10 best songs of Fernando Delgadillo according to UachateC

The 10 best songs of Fernando Delgadillo according to UachateC, Fernando, if you are reading this contact me, I need a gesture in the style of Tommy Torres and his «Dear Tommy»: P.

You are the favorite singer of my best childhood friend who, due to life circumstances, became, at best, my greatest enemy and at worst, «somebody that I used to know» … and since we are at it we can threw a serenade with «No me pidas ser tu amigo» to the one whom I gave everything and did not return even a thanks

Well, seriously, Fernando Delgadillo is one of the greatest singer-songwriters that Mexico has given and in UachateC we have many more than 10 songs that we really admire by this artist but we cannot talk about all of them, so we have chosen the 10 with the most and best memories bring to our mind.

10. Juliet

Julieta is one of the best known songs of the author and therefore purist fans will say that «what a bad list it is is full of cliches and mainstrem songs» but the reality is that famous or not «Julieta» is a work of art of the musical lyric.

A simple story of childhood loves, of what a 10-year-old boy understands as eternal love and that is condemned to not even begin, pure melancholy made into song.

♫ Tiempos de más,
facilidad es la palabra que hoy me falta y
que hace tanto no comprendo ♪

Best songs of Fernando Delgadillo

9. El rag de las 3

Fernando occasionally puts aside his romantic or protest style to write comic themes: «The 6 o’clock show,» «Voceador’s love» and «The first six minutes» are good examples of this.

However we choose here «The rag of 3» for a simple reason in UachateC we know that with our 39 we still have the right to study, if we have been thinking about studying.

Best songs of Fernando Delgadillo

8. Ay amor

On a personal level this song and its ♪ Sigo pensando que es difícil de lograr decir te quiero sin que suene a hoja en blanco ♫ It was a moment of hope in my frustrated love story in which I could not communicate my feelings and that is why it is and it will always be special.

♫ Ay amor, amor
No sólo tengo manos
Tengo un corazón dispuesto ♪

Best songs of Fernando Delgadillo

7. Tu prisa

And we return to mainstream songs !!! If your most staunch fans deny this, they better not read the first 3 places, but the truth is that at UachateC we have always thought that popular songs by artists like Fernando become popular thanks to their extraordinary quality, we will never speak ill of «Creep» , «La celula que explota», «Ingrata», or «Tu prisa».

We think that complaining about these types of issues is a poser attitude that we hate with all our being, that is why and because of its enormous quality that your rush appears in the seventh place on our list.

♫ Con una mirada me diste a entender, y aunque
ya me avisabas que te había perdido,
tu boca mintiéndome, un beso, los ojos
me hubiera cerrado, de no haber notado
tu prisa, esa tu ansiosa prisa. ♪

Best songs of Fernando Delgadillo

6. Visiones

Otherwise, it is likely that this song is not known by its biggest fans and it is not a song that has received a lot of publicity but we love the idea that although ♪ haya visto un amigo dejarme de hablar ♪ and ♪ aunque haya visto tanto, a veces mire más ♫

Best songs of Fernando Delgadillo

5. Entre pairos y derivas

You always had to be a little mocking in that early youth and I always laughed at her because she named this song as her favorite and I didn’t even know it’s a pairo or a deriva

Years later and in strict sincerity I confess that I did not know what Delgadillo meant by those terms, however that does not take away a bit of romance and beauty from this ballad that in my mind contains and will always contain memories of puberty, memories of Happy Family .

♫ Entre Pairos y derivas
por los mares de mi vida
hoy me veo siempre bogando a ti. ♪

Best songs of Fernando Delgadillo

4. La bañera

The story began many years before discovering this song: In my city (a little forgotten by the hand of God) Fernando Delgadillo appears with some frequency (every 2 or 3 years) and every time he came it was law to go see him, in one of those occasions we paid a little more than usual and we saw it up close.

My friend, who is her number 1 fan, yelled at him the name of a song and Fernando turned to see her and their eyes met, of course my friend was speechless and completely forgot the name of the song she had asked for, however when Today he still remembers it as one of the great moments of his life.

The fact is that on that particular occasion we were accompanied by another very dear friend who did not like Delgadillo. At one point during this presentation, the artist performed «La bañera» and convinced our friend that he had some talent, and although he did not became his fan, he changed his way of thinking, being from that moment on a very respectable artist for him.

♫ Y te miro a través
Del cristal de la bañera
Recoges el jabón
Y me concentro en tus caderas
Lo pasas por tu piel tan dulcemente
Que le envidio su carrera ♪

Best songs of Fernando Delgadillo

3. Carta a Francia

Now yes, all those who believe that a song for being famous is no longer good, it is time to stop reading because the podium is full of them.

Carta a Francia from beginning to end is a work of art that contains some of our favorite phrases in music of any genre, this song manages to place Fernando Delgadillo at the height of the greats of the trova and this is enough and more to position it in a well deserved third place.

♫ He perdido la sorpresa con que descubría en la luna
mi cabeza, si se fue pensando en ti ♪

Best songs of Fernando Delgadillo

2. No me pidas ser tu amigo

There is not much to say that the song itself does not say, anyone who has fallen into the famous Friend Zone must have it as that hymn that makes them cry in their moments of greatest despair.

In UachateC we owe a lot to Fernando Delgadillo, moments of happiness, melancholy and thanks to this song many tears shed while listening to his music.

♫ No me pidas ser tu amigo cuando me
dejas saber que ya te marchas
no soy tan civilizado para comprender
sabiendo que te vas. ♪

Best songs of Fernando Delgadillo

Honorable mentions

It does not reach a top 10 to name the songs that we love by this artist and although with these honorable mentions we will not be able to cover them all, we did not want to miss these songs that did not manage to sneak among our 10 chosen ones.

  • El libro de los días: Beautiful song where Fernando chooses his favorite phrases from his bedside book.
  • De las tardes: One of the most explicit and also most romantic songs ever heard by us.
  • Evoluciones: In our opinion the best protest song of him, we have always admired the phrase ♪ Sienten que alguien espera a que se salgan de la fila para poder ganarles su lugar hacia ninguna parte. ♫
  • Con cierto aire a ti: This is our favorite album by the artist and contains three songs that have to be named, el  abordaje, bajo tu pisada and the one that gives name to this album are songs that we have never tired of listening to.

1. Hoy ten miedo de mi

The Beatles have «Yesterday», Radiohead «Creep», Silvio Rodríguez «Ojalá», Juan Gabriel «Querida», José Alfredo «El Rey» and Fernando Delgadillo «Hoy ten miedo de mi».

They all have in common that their fans deny them because they are so well known that they already feel part of the collective subconscious rather than part of a small group of people who like an artist.

However, there is something else they have in common: They are all works of art, and in the case of «Hoy ten miedo de mi» we are probably talking about one of the 10 best lyrics ever written in Spanish music, so it remains with a more than deserved first place.

♫ …porque no vaya a ser que cansado de verte
me meta en tus brazos para poseerte y te arranque las ropas
y te bese los pies… ♪

Best songs of Fernando Delgadillo

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Best songs of Fernando Delgadillo

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