The 10 most beautiful women born on September 18

Do you want to know who they are? Keep reading and discover the 10 most beautiful women born on September 18.

September 18 is a special date for many people, but it is also a special date for some of the most beautiful women in the world.

In this article, we introduce you to the 10 famous people who were born on September 18 and who have stood out for their beauty, talent and charisma.

Some are actresses, singers, models or athletes, but they all have something in common: they are true goddesses.

Most beautiful women born on September 18

1. Signa Mae

Social media star best known for her lip sync videos on the app TikTok where she goes by the username sig. She has amassed over 5 million fans.

Most beautiful women born on September 18
Most beautiful women born on September 18

2. Isabel LaRosa

Isabel LaRosa, is an American singer, songwriter and video director from Annapolis, Maryland. She signed to RCA Records in 2021 and released her debut EP, I’m Watching You, in 2022. She rose to fame after releasing her 2022 single «I’m Yours», which went viral on the social media platform. TikTok social.

Born: September 18, 2004, Annapolis, Maryland, USA

Spotify: Isabel LaRosa | Spotify

Most beautiful women born on September 18

3. Blanca Soler

Spanish model and artist. She has earned more than 600,000 followers on ella blanca.soler’s Instagram account. She has been represented by Why Not Models Management.

Most beautiful women born on September 18

4. Angela Simmons

American reality star and daughter of Joseph Simmons. She is also remembered for her appearance in Run’s House.

Born: September 18, 1987, Queens, New York, United States

5. Brooke Adee

Popular music artist on social media who posts cover songs to her cupiecakegirl123 YouTube channel. She competed on the eighth season of The Voice.

Born: January 29, 2000, Austin, Texas, United States

Most beautiful women born on September 18

6. Megan Lee

Megan Lee is a Korean-American actress, director, and former singer-songwriter best known for her role as «Sun Hi Song» on Make It Pop and her singing talent on YouTube.

Born: September 18, 1995, Los Angeles, California, United States
Height: 1.57 m

Most beautiful women born on September 18

7. Lina Lecompte

Colombian television actress known for participating in the series Rogue during an episode in 2017. She also participated in the series Messiah Complex in 2017. She is popular on Instagram and has more than 10,000 followers.

8. Clara Wilsey

American model who has appeared in publications such as GQ and has been represented by agencies such as No Ties LA. She played Kimmy Stitcher in Tall Girl and Tall Girl 2.

9. Melisa Döngel

Melisa Döngel es una actriz y modelo turca, conocida por interpretar el papel de Deniz Çelik Elibol en la serie Our Story y por el de Ceren Başar en la serie You Knock on My Door.

Birth: September 18, 1999, Istanbul, Turkey
Height: 1.76 m

10. Katerina Berezhna

Model who has used her Instagram to post about fashion, fitness, health, and beauty. She has been represented by Savalas Models. She has collaborated with Dior on her Katerinaberezhna Instagram page.

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