The 10 most beautiful women in Lima, Peru

In this article, we present a list of the 10 most beautiful women in Lima, the capital of Peru. These women stand out for their beauty, talent and charisma, and are a source of pride for their city and their country.

Some of them are famous actresses, models, singers or athletes, while others are successful professionals in different fields.

They all have one thing in common: a charming personality that makes them shine.

Most beautiful women in Lima

1. Katy Esquivel

Spanish-speaking guru who publishes beauty and style content who is known for her WhatTheChic YouTube channel. This one has amassed more than 5 million subscribers. She also has a vlogging channel called KatyTheChic that has more than 600,000 subscribers.

Most beautiful women in Lima
Most beautiful women in Lima

2. Luanna Perez-Garreaud

Fashion and lifestyle blogger from Le Happy who also vlogs on her Lua P YouTube channel. Her luanna Instagram account has more than 1.9 million followers. In it she documents her lifestyle and her fashion preferences.

3. Aylin Criss

Popular social media star and content creator who has gained popularity for her aylin.criss TikTok account .

Her dance and lip-sync videos have earned her more than 17 million fans on the platform. She shares modeling photos on her aylincriss Instagram account, where she has earned 2.2 million followers.

4. Rosangela Espinoza

Peruvian model and reality star who rose to fame after competing on reality shows like Combate and Bienvenida la Tarde. In addition, he is known for her participation in the Miss Peru pageant in 2012.

Most beautiful women in Lima
Most beautiful women in Lima

5. Yahaira Plasencia

Yahaira Maciel Plasencia Quintanilla is a Peruvian singer, model, dancer, television personality, and businesswoman. She became known as a figure of the Peruvian show business, fame that she nurtured from her relationship with the Peruvian soccer player Jefferson Farfán and her participation in local reality shows.

Most beautiful women in Lima

6. Camila Escribens

Camila Namie Escribens is a Peruvian-American model, businesswoman, influencer, and beauty queen. In 2019 she was elected Miss Grand Peru 2019 and she represented her native country in the Miss Grand International 2019 pageant. She is the current Miss Peru 2023.

7. Luana Barron Yabar

Peruvian Instagram star who has earned more than 1 million followers on her account.

8. Angie Arizaga

Model and social media trendsetter known for being the host of the television series, La Previa. Photos of her modeling are also posted on Instagram where she has more than 4.2 million followers.

9. Stephanie Cayo

Stephanie Cristina Cayo Sanguinetti better known as Stephanie Cayo is a Peruvian actress, singer, model and dancer of Italian descent, residing between Los Angeles and Lima. She became known by participating as a protagonist in the youth telenovela Besos robados.

10. Mia Mont

Melani Emperatriz Montoya Horna, artistically known as Mia Mont, is a Peruvian pop singer and songwriter.

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