The 10 most beautiful women named Daniela in 2023

Would you like to know who are the 10 most beautiful women named Daniela in the world?

In this article we are going to show you a list of the most beautiful and talented Danielas who have excelled in different fields such as cinema, music, sports and fashion.

Are you ready to meet these amazing women? Keep reading!

The 10 most beautiful women named Daniela in 2023

1. Daniela Nieves

Daniela Nieves is a Venezuelan-born American actress, known for playing Andrea «Andi» Cruz on the Nickelodeon series Every Witch Way and WITS Academy. Other appearances by Nieves include Una maid en Manhattan, El Rostro de Analía and La viuda de Blanco.

most beautiful women named Daniela
Most beautiful women named Daniela

2. Daniela Alfaro

Beauty vlogger whose self-titled YouTube channel has earned more than 3.4 million subscribers with a collection of makeup tutorials, vlogs, and the occasional challenge or tag video. She was part of the Badabun team until 2019.

Most beautiful women named Daniela

3. Daniela Melchoir

Daniela Melchior is a Portuguese film and television actress. She made her debut in 2014 in the television series Mulheres. She is known for playing Cleo Cazo/Ratcatcher 2 in the 2021 film The Suicide Squad.

4. Daniela M. Biah

Muslim YouTuber with more than 600,000 subscribers who posts a range of videos including shopping, DIY, lifestyle, and contemporary videos.

5. Daniela Lopez

Colombian model who was introduced as part of Victoria’s Secret at the age of 22 after being signed to Wilhelmina Models. She graced the covers of Elle and Vogue.

Most beautiful women named Daniela

6. Daniela Arango

Social media personality best known for her relationship with Daniel Jaramillo, behind the popular Colombian YouTube channel BrosNacion. She appeared in many popular videos on her channel, such as «RUEDA DE LOS BESOS *gets out of control*» and «ESTE BESO ME DID NOT EXPECT IT!!!»

Most beautiful women named Daniela

7. Daniela Ospina

Daniela Ospina Ramírez is a Colombian model, professional volleyball player and businesswoman. She played for the VP Madrid team.She is known in public life for having been married to Colombian soccer player James Rodríguez.

8. Daniela Legarde

Daniela Legarda is one of the most recognized influencers in Colombia. In her book, she tells us her story and that of her family, since they immigrated to the United States in search of better opportunities.

9. Daniela Bobadilla

Daniela Bobadilla is a Mexican-Canadian actress. She is best known for playing Sam Goodson on the FX television series Anger Management.

10. Daniela Braga

Daniela Agreste Braga, also known as Dany Braga, is a Brazilian model.

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