The 15 most beautiful women of Tijuana

These are the 15 most beautiful women of Tijuana at the moment.

We gave ourselves the task of choosing the 15 most beautiful women in Tijuana and after much discussion we came to this result: 15 of our platonic loves within this city.

Most beautiful women of Tijuana

1. Brianda Deyanara

Brianda Deyanara Moreno Guerrero (August 5, 1995), simply known as Brianda, is a Mexican tiktoker, influencer, content creator, member of the 404 Girls collective.

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most beautiful women of Tijuana

2. Carolina Diaz

Carolina Díaz, who became known for participating in Badabun, has always shown a cheerful side of her life and which she shares on social networks, but on this occasion she opened her heart and on the verge of tears told that there were days when she through difficult moments and that he thought about taking his own life.

Tijuana's most beautiful women
Most beautiful women of Tijuana
Most beautiful women of Tijuana

3. Alejandra Espinoza

Alejandra Espinoza Cruz, is a Mexican beauty queen, actress, and TV presenter. She won the 2007 Univision beauty pageant and reality show Nuestra Belleza Latina.

Most beautiful women of Tijuana

4. Karla Celis

YouTube video blogger with a Spanish channel called celiskarla and an English channel called celiskarlaenglish. His videos feature cooking recipes, makeup, and hairstyles.

5. Norma Petris

Instagram model and social media influencer best known for posting fashion and lifestyle photos to her eponymous account. She has earned more than 500,000 followers on the platform.

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