The 10 best albums of 2015 according to UachateC

The year 2015 left us a great variety of musical albums that deserve to be remembered and appreciated. From pop to rock to hip hop to indie, these are the 10 best albums of 2015 in my personal opinion.

The 10 best albums of 2015 according to UachateC

10. To Pimp a Butterfly – Kendrick Lamar

American rapper Kendrick Lamar stunned the world with his third studio album, To Pimp a Butterfly, a masterpiece that combines hip hop with jazz, funk and soul. The album addresses topics such as racism, identity, politics and religion with profound lyrics and innovative production. Songs like King Kunta, Alright or The Blacker the Berry are anthems of protest and empowerment that transcend the musical genre.

9. Currents – Tame Impala

Australian band Tame Impala reinvented themselves with their third studio album, Currents, a record that explores psychedelic pop with influences from disco, synth-pop and R&B. The album reflects the personal and artistic change of the leader and vocalist Kevin Parker, who was in charge of producing, recording and mixing the entire album in his home studio. Songs like Let It Happen, The Less I Know the Better or Eventually are jewels of contemporary music that demonstrate the versatility and creativity of Tame Impala.

8. 25 – Adele

British singer Adele returned after four years of silence with her third studio album, 25, an album that broke sales records and received critical acclaim. The album is a collection of powerful and emotional ballads showcasing Adele’s impressive voice and songwriting talents. Songs like Hello, When We Were Young or Someone Like You are generational hymns that connect with the public for their honesty and beauty.

7. Carrie & Lowell – Sufjan Stevens

American singer-songwriter Sufjan Stevens has delivered his seventh studio album, Carrie & Lowell, an intimate and moving record dealing with the death of his mother and his relationship with his stepfather. The album is a minimalist piece of work that relies on Stevens’s acoustic guitar, piano, and whispery voice. Songs like Death with Dignity, Should Have Known Better or Fourth of July are musical poems that express Stevens’ pain, nostalgia and hope.

6. Vulnicura – Björk

The Icelandic artist Björk surprised again with her ninth studio album, Vulnicura, an album that chronicles her breakup with the artist Matthew Barney. The album is a conceptual work that is divided into three parts: before, during and after the separation. The album combines electronic music with orchestral strings and Björk’s unique voice. Songs like Stonemilker, Black Lake or Notget are testimonials to Björk’s vulnerability, rage and healing.

5. Art Angels – Grimes

Canadian singer Grimes established herself as one of the most original and innovative artists on the music scene with her fourth studio album, Art Angels, an album that blends pop with rock, dance and experimental. The album is a sample of the multidisciplinary talent of Grimes, who was in charge of writing, producing and interpreting all the songs, as well as designing the cover art and videos. Songs like Flesh without Blood, Kill V. Maim or Realiti are pop anthems that defy convention and expectations.

4. Sound & Color – Alabama Shakes

The American band Alabama Shakes demonstrated their musical maturity with their second studio album, Sound & Color, an album that broadens the horizons of southern rock with elements of blues, soul and funk. The album stands out for the powerful voice and stage presence of the leader and vocalist Brittany Howard, who was inspired by artists like David Bowie or Prince to create songs full of energy and emotion. Songs like Don’t Wanna Fight, Gimme All Your Love or Future People are examples of the talent and originality of Alabama Shakes.

3. In Color – Jamie xx

British producer Jamie xx made his solo debut with his first studio album, In Colour, an album that summarizes his musical career as a member of The xx and as a collaborator with other artists. The album is a masterpiece of the electronic genre that mixes influences from house, garage, dubstep and ambient. The album features vocal collaborations from his fellow The xx (Romy Madley Croft and Oliver Sim) and rapper Young Thug. Songs like Gosh, Loud Places or I Know There’s Gonna Be (Good Times) are danceable anthems that invite you to celebrate life.

2. Drones – Muse

British band Muse returned to their rock roots with their seventh studio album, Drones, a concept album that critiques modern warfare and the use of drones as weapons. The album is an epic work that combines alternative rock with progressive metal and classical music. The album features production by the legendary Robert John «Mutt» Lange and a gospel choir on some songs. Songs like Psycho, Mercy or The Globalist are rock anthems that show Muse’s strength and ambition.

1. 1989 – Taylor Swift

1989 is the fifth studio album by American singer Taylor Swift. It was released on **October 27, 2014** by the Big Machine Records record label. It is Swift’s first pop album, which moved away from the country pop of her previous work. The album was mainly produced by Max Martin, Shellback and Swift herself.

best albums of 2015
Best albums of 2015

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