5 best songs of Carlos Santana according to UachateC

Today on his birthday we set ourselves the task of choosing the 5 best songs of Carlos Santana according to UachateC. These were the results.

There are many songs that Santana has managed to form part of the collective subconscious throughout his more than 40-year career, at Uachatec we choose our 5 favorites and here we present them:

The list is subjective and takes into account the experiences of those who make it and as always we highlight some of the phrases of each topic that have remained in our minds for a long time.

Are we missing a topic? Don’t you agree with our choice? leave your opinion in the comments.

5 best songs of Carlos Santana according to UachateC

5. Maria Maria

This song is a guilty pleasure of the writing because although it is not at all among the best works of the Mexican guitarist, we feel that it is an excellent description of the Latin feeling that he impresses in his music and has lyrics that bring us good memories «Viva Carlos Santana «.

♫ Oh Maria Maria
Ella fell in love in East L.A.
To the sounds of the guitar, yeah
Played by Carlos Santana ♪

5 best songs of Carlos Santana

4. Smooth

The most successful song of his career, awarded with almost a dozen Grammys and probably the most lucrative of all he has written, was a phenomenon in the late nineties, we believe that this song is not a sample of the best Carlos Santana, without However it marked our youth.

♫ And if you said this life ain’t good enough
I would give my world to lift you up
I could change my life to better suit your mood
‘Cause you’re so smooth ♪

3. Europe

Originally included on the album «Amigos», this song catapulted Santana beyond the rock scene, onto the European jazz festival circuit of the late 1970s. Perhaps this is the best moment of him after the separation of the original band.

2. Black Magic Woman.

Santana’s version far surpasses the original Fleetwood Mac song, adding the mystery of the Latin touch that bewitches the listener.

1. Samba pa ti

This classic Santana instrumental marks a key moment in the development of Latin music. The theme is the first of a long succession of instrumental songs that the guitarist would record after the dissolution of the first version of the band.

5 best songs of Carlos Santana

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5 best songs of Carlos Santana
5 best songs of Carlos Santana

Do you agree with our list? Didn’t find your favorite song? Leave your opinion in the comments:

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