10 best songs of José Alfredo Jiménez according to UachateC

At UachateC we chose the 10 best songs of José Alfredo Jiménez since he is for us one of the three greatest musicians that Mexico has produced in terms of regional music.

A day like today in 1926 saw the light in Dolores, Hidalgo, which was called to put music to the bohemian afternoons of millions of Mexicans, from Pedro Infante to Joaquín Sabina, from Luis Miguel to Enrique Bunbury, passing through Julieta Venegas and Julio Iglesias, Thousands of artists have played this music giant and at UachateC we remember him by choosing our 10 favorite songs of his authorship.


10. El jinete

El jinete it is probably together with «El rey» the most international song by José Alfredo and it is due to a tremendous version that Enrique Bunbury made at the end of the 20th century. This is together with Cucurrucucu Paloma, the most emblematic melody about the death of a loved one that Mexican musicians have left us.

♪ La quería más que a su vida
y la perdió para siempre,
por eso lleva una herida,
por eso busca la muerte ♫

Best songs of José Alfredo Jiménez

9. Paloma querida

The vast majority of the songs listed here runs through the veins of all Mexicans and they know them from beginning to end, that is the case of this song that sneaks into our list because of the great phrase:

♪ Yo no se lo que valga mi vida, pero yo te la quiero entregar, yo no se si tu amor la reciba, pero yo te la vengo a dejar ♫

Best songs of José Alfredo Jiménez

8. Gracias

José Alfredo achieved fame and uncountable riches in life, however, as he says in this song, he died as his people die, he never left simplicity and died surrounded by his people because of alcohol abuse.

And it is that simplicity that makes us admire it a little more here and that is why we like this song so much.

♫ Pero todo lo aviento,
porque quiero morirme
como muere mi pueblo ♪

Best songs of José Alfredo Jiménez

7. Un mundo raro

This is one of the most celebrated songs by José Alfredo and with good reason, it is a recurring theme in his songs, (the song sung to that woman that he is convinced that at some point he will miss him) however in this song he captures it as the most poetic way of which the author is capable and he achieves a beautiful theme that became a great classic of the popular songbook.

♫ Porque yo adonde voy
hablaré de tu amor
como un sueño dorado ♪

Best songs of José Alfredo Jiménez

6. Pa todo el año

It is because of songs like this that José Alfredo is immortal, with lyrics and a feeling like the one presented here, it was impossible for him not to become part of the drunkenness of an entire nation … and so it was, and so it is, and so it will be.

♫ Que me sirvan de una vez pa’ todo el año
que me pienso seriamente emborrachar. ♪

Best songs of José Alfredo Jiménez

5. Tu y las nubes

We always liked the themes of unattainable love, and unrequited love and probably this song is the most representative of that theme (or the second if we count the first place on this list) within the work of the king of the ranchera song.

♪ Tú y las nubes me traen muy loco
tú y las nubes me van a matar
yo pa´ arriba volteo muy poco
tu pa´abajo no sabes mirar ♪

Best songs of José Alfredo Jiménez

4. El cantinero

Famous blue raincot by Leonard Cohen in country version, the same theme addressed in that mythical Cohen song but with ordinary language, talks about that loving trio that hurts to be between friends, simply a spectacular song that is little known within the work of this giant of Mexican music.

♫ Yo no voy a matarme por nadie
Yo mi vida la vivo borracho ♪

Best songs of José Alfredo Jiménez

3. En el último trago

A great friend (Rocío Salazar) and a server heard this song countless times and that is why so many memories accumulate when listening to it.

And that’s also why it ranks third on our list, because memories of alcohol on Monday immediately come to mind as soon as it starts ringing.

♫ Nada me han enseñado los años
Siempre caigo en los mismos errores
Otra vez a brindar con extraños
Y a llorar por los mismos dolores ♪

Best songs of José Alfredo Jiménez

2. Vámonos

Joaquín Sabina said about José Alfredo «He wrote hundreds of songs that have accompanied drunks from all over the Spanish language, he always puts a shoulder to cry» and about this song he mentions: «I think he has the best chorus I’ve ever heard »

By the way the chorus in question is this:

♫ Vámonos, donde nadie nos juzgue
donde nadie nos diga
que hacemos mal
Vámonos alejados del mundo
donde no haya justicia
ni leyes ni nada
nomás nuestro amor ♪

And Joaquín Sabina says «I think it is a perfect refrain, only that it touches my balls a little justice and laws together, I would put where there is no justice or gods or anything, BUT HOW AM I GOING TO CORRECT JOSÉ ALFREDO JIMÉNEZ?» And that is the impressive thing about the comment, that the most important lyricist in the history of music in Spanish accepts that he has no right to correct José Alfredo.

And that’s what José Alfredo is, an important part of the life of every Spanish-speaking person, and the one who brought magical musical magic to the whole world … just thank you.

1. Esta noche

This (With the permission of «Tu y las nubes») is the best song of heartbreak that we have heard from him and that is why and only for that reason that it is in the first place of the UachateC list.

♫ Ya traté de vivir sin mirarla
Ya luché por no ser infeliz
Y tan solo encontré dos caminos
O lograrla o dejar de vivir ♪

Best songs of José Alfredo Jiménez

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Best songs of José Alfredo Jiménez
Best songs of José Alfredo Jiménez

Choosing the 10 best songs of José Alfredo Jiménez is not an easy task at all, so it is likely that we have left your favorite song off the list.

Leave us your list in the comments.

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