The 10 best songs of Alejandro Fernández according to UachateC

In UachateC we choose the 10 best songs of Alejandro Fernández, who is one of our favorite Mexican singers.

One of the most important artists of our life appears in this selection of his 10 best songs or at least those that most marked my life, so leave your opinion of those that marked yours in the comments.

The 10 best songs by Alejandro Fernández according to UachateC

10.  Abrazame

The best work that the Spanish-speaking artist I admire the most (Julio Iglesias) wrote in his life is interpreted here in an incomparable way by one of the greatest singers of music in Spanish, nothing could go wrong and that is how this song was born. It will remain forever in the records of history.

♫ Si tú te vas, ya nada será nuestroTu te llevarás en un sólo momento una eternidad ♪

Best songs of Alejandro Fernandez

9. Loco

This story represents me, I don’t say it proudly, I don’t think anyone can say it proudly but it is that story that happens to all of us at some point, that unattainable love that is reciprocated in our heads and that as such we make castles in the air telling it as part of our story, it happened to me and I’m sure it happened to you too and that’s what makes this song universal and timeless.

♫ LocoPorque les digo que me quieres con el almaY por las tardes cada vez que cae tu faldaVoy despojándote de todo lo demás ♪

Best songs of Alejandro Fernandez

8. Perdón ft Vicente Fernández

Vicente and Alejandro are the living history of this country, they are the cultural heritage of our people and here they unite their voices in an incomparable way to demonstrate and leave for granted all the talent that runs through their veins, the talent is there, the rest is history.

♫ Ven ven calma mis angustiasCon un poco de amor que es todoLo que ansía cuando ama que es todo lo que ansiaCuando ama mi pobre corazón ♪

Best songs of Alejandro Fernandez

7. Te voy a perder

The same person I am talking about in the next post was the one who at some point in my life made me end up revisiting the work of Alejandro Fernández and discovering some incomparable jewels, looking for themes that will address the departure of a loved one and that is how I came to This eternal song in the discography of Mexican music that speaks of this in an unbeatable way.

♪ No, no te vayasAún quedan palabrasMil frases del almaY entre ellas no estaba el adiós ♫

Best songs of Alejandro Fernandez

6. Que seas muy feliz

«Que seas muy feliz» was the album that introduced me to the discography of this immense artist, however, that is not what this song has in this place but rather when many years later I heard that phrase that says that I want a world better than what I give it about 20 times, a phrase that moved my heart and the whole world, already well into my twenties when the one who was my everything decided to leave and I couldn’t do more than… listen to this song and cry.

♫ Ahora que te vas, mira como soyQuiero para ti, un mundo mejorDe lo que te doy, como veinte veces ♪

Best songs of Alejandro Fernandez

5. No

Armando Manzanero left us in 2020, leaving as a maximum legacy this beautiful song that, interpreted by Alejandro, acquires legendary overtones, one of the greatest songs in the history of Mexico appears here in one of the most impressive interpretations ever made in this country.

♫ NoAunque me juraras que mucho has cambiadoPara mí lo nuestro ya está terminadoNo me pidas nunca que vuelva jamás ♪

Best songs of Alejandro Fernandez

4. La mitad que me faltaba

It was the first half of the nineties and I was a puberty feeling for the first time those illusions that without knowing it end up being the first indelible marks of your life and the soundtrack of those years was without a doubt this record work exalted as not by the half that I was missing.

♫ Tienes la belleza que jamás miraraEres una reina eres una damaTienes en los brazos el calor que yoBuscaba sabes comprenderme como yo necesitaba

Best songs of Alejandro Fernandez

3. Nube viajera

Heartbreak was Alejandro’s forte and he masterfully demonstrates it once again in this everlasting theme that will be heard in moments of sadness across an entire continent throughout history to come. And it is that few songs of this caliber have been written for those moments in which we miss that lost cloud that crosses the skies without missing us.

♫ ¿Dónde estás?Qué cielo cruzas sin extrañarme nube perdidaPor qué no vienes a iluminarme luz de mi vidaRegresa pronto que yo no vivo si no es por ti ♪

Best songs of Alejandro Fernandez

2. It’s all over

The heartbreak story that I like the most of all the ones that I have heard in the voice of this immense interpreter and strangely it is the theme with which he opens his first musical work, with this letter of introduction there was no way that his work would not be written with letters of gold in the musical history of a country and that’s how it was, wow that’s how it was.

It is not his best known work but it touches my soul every time I hear it.

♫ Dame la bendición de la esperanzaAunque es una mentira que no alcanzaPor tu mirada comprendí que todo, todo terminóSolo me resta el dolor

Best songs of Alejandro Fernandez

1. Canta corazón

There could be no other song that will top this list than this masterpiece of Mexican music, and the truth is that it is not the best on the top, nor the best known, nor even the one I like the most, however it is the one I remember the most brings to my head, memories of youth, memories of the San Juan bar in the city of Chihuahua, memories of unforgettable friendships in unrepeatable times…

♪ Y con el tiempo te pensaba aferrada a mis manosY con la lluvia consolaba tu ausencia en los añosY con el tiempo yo sabía que algún díaMorirías por volver ♫

Best songs of Alejandro Fernandez

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Songs chosen by our readers in the survey.

  • I forgot you

♪ It hurt me
But I didn’t die, as you thought ♫

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Best songs of Alejandro Fernandez
Best songs of Alejandro Fernandez

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