10 best songs of Julio Iglesias according to UachateC

In UachateC we choose the best songs of Julio Iglesias or at least our favorites of one of the best voices in the history of Spain.

Here in the newsroom we think that Julio Iglesias is the best interpreter who has left these lands and that is why we pay tribute to him by choosing 10 songs that have been a very important part of our lives.

As is customary in UachateC, we highlight our favorite phrases of each chosen topic.

Are we missing a song? Don’t you agree with our choice? leave your opinion in the comments.

Best songs of Julio Iglesias

10. Soy un truhan, soy un señor

This song sneaks onto the list thanks to the fact that being a truhan being a gentleman became part of popular culture thanks to this theme, when Julio Iglesias was the truhan par excellence in the Spanish-speaking world and he never stopped being a Sir, the greatest in music by the way.

♫ Me gustan las mujeres, me gusta el vino
Y si tengo que olvidarlas, bebo y olvido ♪

Best songs of Julio Iglesias

9. Que no se rompa la noche

Julio is undoubtedly the most melancholic voice that has ever existed in the artistic world and even with happy songs like this, a hint of sadness is heard that accompanies his entire discography and we love that.

♫ Que tengo que amarte mucho,
que tengo que amarte tanto,
que si la noche no acaba
yo te voy a enloquecer ♪

Best songs of Julio Iglesias

8. Baila Morena

Upon hearing the name of this song, a theme from «Hector and Tito» immediately comes to mind, however, more than two decades before this song came out. Like all of this great singer, it has a great melancholy included within a lyrics full of party and joy and it is for all this that it is one of our favorites.

♫ Baila morena, baila
Que tú lo bailas como ninguna
Moviendo las caderas
Moviendo la cintura ♪

Best songs of Julio Iglesias

7. Hey

Probably the most famous song of his career is accommodated in the seventh place of our ranking and it is thanks to it that millions of people around the world continue to sing his songs either with this original version or some of the thousands that they have made. artists of very diverse musical styles.

♫ Hey! No creas que te guardo algún rencor
Es siempre más feliz quien más amó
Y ese siempre fui yo ♪

Best songs of Julio Iglesias

6. La nave del olvido

José José did a good job, maybe we dare to accept that, but never, never, never like what Julio Iglesias achieved with this immense interpretation of la nave del olvido, one of the greatest songs of the last century performed by one of the best singers, just spectacular.

♫ ¡Espera!
Aún me quedan alegrías para darte
Tengo mil noches de amor que regalarte
Te doy mi vida a cambio de quedarte ♪

Best songs of Julio Iglesias

5. Ni te tengo ni te olvido

There is always a story behind the music that we all like, it is often a personal experience that turns a normal theme into an extraordinary one, «Ni te tengo ni te olvido» is that, a moment of our life reflected in a song who accompanied us while we felt raw what the lyrics expressed.

♫ ¡Qué daría por saber!
Que jamás te perdería ♪

Best songs of Julio Iglesias

4. De niña a mujer

This song beautifully captures the sad happiness that implies that that girl you saw growing up in your arms becomes a woman and begins a life without the need of her father, and that is why she manages to climb to the doors of the podium.

♫ La paraba en el tiempo pensando
Que no debería crecer
Pero el tiempo me estaba engañando
Mi niña se hacia mujer ♪

3. La carretera II

It is not a moment in our life that makes this song sneak onto the podium (or maybe it does), it is simply the most melancholic song we have heard (and it is in two parts) and that makes it totally deserve to be in this place and not only among our favorites of this artist but of music in general.

♫ Tengo ganas de encontrarte tengo miedo de llegar,
de que tengas otra vida de que no me quieras mas ♪

2. Abrázame

This song is the most important song authored by Julio Iglesias, at least it is for all the Mexicans who grew up listening to it in the voice of Alejandro Fernández, and that is how this lyrics was either in the voice of its author or of the Potrillo takes us back to golden times of youth and happiness.

♫ Si tú te vas
Ya nada será nuestro tú te llevarás
En un solo momento una eternidad
Me quedaré sin nada, si te vas ♪

1 La carretera

Everything we mentioned in the song that is in position number 3 with the addition that this we knew easily 10 years before and that is why it is number 1 and that is why it is one of our favorite musical themes of this artist and any other, of this musical style and of all existing styles and to exist.

♫ Llueve y está mojada la carretera
no sé si está con otro, si yo supiera
Llueve y está mojada la carretera
es noche y hay silencio, que larga espera ♪

Best songs of Julio Iglesias

Best songs of Julio Iglesias
Best songs of Julio Iglesias

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