The 10 best songs of Juan Gabriel according to UachateC

Today he would be celebrating his birthday, who is undoubtedly one of the best singer-songwriters in the history of Mexico and at UachaeC we celebrate it by choosing the The 10 best songs of Juan Gabriel in our opinion.

In 2016 the divo from Juárez left us forever, leaving the people heartbroken, today on his birthday we pay tribute to him by choosing our 10 favorite songs by this immortal of Mexican music.

The list is subjective and perhaps very different from the lists that are normally published about this great artist, this is because it takes into account the experiences of those who make it, as we always highlight some of the phrases of each song that have remained in our minds for a long time.

Are we missing a song? Don’t you agree with our choice? leave your opinion in the comments.

The 10 best songs of Juan Gabriel

10. Lagrimas y lluvia

Perhaps a song too melodramatic and that is why it is not as remembered as other songs in his discography, however it is an inseparable companion of our moments of heartbreak and that is why it sneaks to number 10 on our list.

♫ … y aunque yo sé que nunca más tu volverás
te esperare, te esperare
aunque no vuelvas más ♪

9. Esta noche voy a verla.

The reality is that a song full of puberty is felt, it brings to mind high school or high school evenings in which you were excited to go to the meeting and for the declaration of your affection to those first loves in life.

♫ En cuanto llegue a su casa y me abra la puerta
primero le doy un beso
le digo te espero afuera
que yo quiero hablar contigo
es algo muy importante te esperare ♪

10 best songs of Juan Gabriel

8. Te doy las gracias

A choice totally based on the life experiences of the editors, when after ending a relationship you feel that it is to improve and you sing these songs at the top of your voice and you get one of the most liberating feelings that can be experienced … then it turns out that It was not true, that you miss her like nothing in this life, but for the brief moment that this song lasts you feel much better.

♫ Si vieras……
Cuanto he cambiado sin tu presencia
Ahora río y vivo la vida a mi conveniencia ♪

10 best songs of Juan Gabriel

7. La madrileña

Oh Madrid, oh Spain, oh its women, Juan Gabriel sings to the women of Madrid and the life of that city and reminds us of those nights in the old continent, but can I tell you a secret? … women are more beautiful from Granada.

♪ …que ricas son las cosas que hacen en Madrid
que ricas esas copas una más y otra más
y una más y otra más ♫

10 best songs of Juan Gabriel

6. Luna

Ana Gabriel made this song famous, however, like the fifth place on this list, it is until its composer sings it that it becomes one of the best songs in the history of his country.

♫ Tú que sabes por donde va
Ilumínale con tu luz
Su sendero porque quizás
No es bueno, no es bueno
Quizás no es bueno
Y dile que lo quiero ♪

10 best songs of Juan Gabriel

5. Así fue

From here we start with the heavyweights, this song is impressive and there are not a few people who have heard them refer to this interpretation as one of the greatest they have heard in their lives, it also addresses a topic that is not very common. In music, which is wanting to tell your ex in the friendliest and most diplomatic way possible that you’ve forgotten her and that you can’t keep thinking about her.

♫ Ya no debo, no puedo quererte
ya no te amo
me he enamorado
de un ser divino
de un buen amor
que me enseñó
a olvidar
y a perdonar ♪

10 best songs of Juan Gabriel

4. Abrázame muy fuerte

In the writing room, not everyone thinks that Juan Gabriel is a good interpreter, although we all agree that he is an immense composer, however there is a song that makes everyone’s hair stand on end due to the way it is interpreted by its creator. This beautiful romantic theme touches the most sensitive fibers of everyone who listens to it.

♫ Te doy gracias por cada momento de mi vivir ♪

10 best songs of Juan Gabriel

3. La muerte del palomo

Not so well known themes sneak onto our podium, in the case of this song it is the fact of listening to all the magic of our Mexico, with its mariachi and the power it has to remind us of José Alfredo, of the golden age of Mexican cinema. , or maybe to the immortal cucurrucucu paloma, well, what else to say? Mexico, magical, musical at its best.

♪ Por llorar, por llorar, por llorar
ya no puede ver, ni puede volar
se acerca su muerte y está agonizando de tanto esperar. ♫

10 best songs of Juan Gabriel

2. Tengo que olvidar

The silver is for another song that is not so well known in his repertoire, but it is one of those heartbreak songs that have rarely been written, it is crying to a love and wishing him well as has rarely been reflected in popular music. .

♫ Que Dios me ayude
a encontrarle buen alivio
a esta tristeza tan grande
aunque tuve
yo la culpa no debí enamorarme
yo no debí amarte nunca
pero ya hoy es muy tarde ♪

10 best songs of Juan Gabriel

1. Amor eterno

What to say about this song? It is very predictable to put him in the first place but it is also the masterpiece of an artist who has more than 1,000 songs in his musical repertoire, many eternal songs but none like this one. As its name implies, «Eternal Love» will live forever in the minds of Mexicans, Latinos, Spanish-speaking people and perhaps the whole world.

♫ Como quisiera ahhh que tu vivieras
que tus ojitos jamás se hubieran
cerrado nunca y estar mirándolos ♪

10 best songs of Juan Gabriel

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10 best songs of Juan Gabriel

Choosing the 10 best songs by Juan Gabriel is not an easy task at all, so it is likely that we have left your song off the list.

Leave us your list in the comments.

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