10 best songs of Marco Antonio Solís (El Buki) according to UachateC

At UachateC we choose the 10 best songs of Marco Antonio Solís or at least our favorites by this immense Mexican singer-songwriter.

On December 29, 1959, «el Buki» was born in Michoacan, one of the greatest singer-songwriters in the history of Mexico and in UachateC we celebrate it by choosing our 10 favorite songs of his creation.

As is customary in UachateC, we highlight our favorite phrases from each of the chosen Buki songs.

Are we missing a topic? Don’t you agree with our choice? leave your opinion in the comments.

10 best songs of Marco Antonio Solís (El Buki) according to UachateC

10. Ya no te vayas

The 10th and 9th place are for songs from «Los Bukis» perhaps not so well known in these times, however they are important for those who chose this list, since they marked moments of their lives with fire.

By the way, the video shown here is a historical document of Mexican music.

♫ Por favor ya no te vayas
con amor yo te lo pido
ya no me dejes tan solo
mejor llévame contigo. ♪

Best songs of Marco Antonio Solís

9. Que le vaya bien

There isn’t much to say about this song, the lyrics say it all …

♫ Y en donde quiera que ella este,
Le deseo sinceramente, que le vaya bien
Se que merece lo mejor,
quien la tenga entre sus brazos
llénela de amor ♪

8. Aquella

One of the most famous songs (along with tu cárcel) by Los Bukis, Marco Antonio Solís proving that he was one of the greatest since long before he was a solist.

♫ Conforme pasa el tiempo solo espero el
Momento de volver me a mirar, en los ojos
Que encerraron mi existir… y no dejaron ir. ♪

Best songs of Marco Antonio Solís

7. El peor de mis fracasos

As always in these cases, this list is subjective and the choice of this topic is due to a personal moment, simply among all the failures of a life (which are many), she was the worst failure.

♫ Háblame,
si vieras cuanto bien me haría oír tu voz
hazlo ya, siquiera unas palabras
y después adiós. ♪

Best songs of Marco Antonio Solís

6. La venia bendita

He wouldn’t be one of the greats in Mexico if he didn’t sing with mariachi, right? Well, here is a sample that he can do it as the best exponents of this genre.

♫ Le faltan horas al día
para seguirnos queriendo
apenas fue mediodía
y hoy nos esta amaneciendo ♪

5. Mi eterno amor secreto

That terrible feeling of having to leave someone you are still in love with forever is captured by «el buki» in this song in a way that touches the soul of all of us.

♫ …y en la distancia siempre serás
mi eterno amor secreto ♪

4. Tres semanas

An already more mature Marco Antonio Solis creates another success in his career and does it the same or even better than in his younger years.

♪ No sé a dónde te me fuiste
Que de ti ya no se nada,
Al principio un poquito me buscabas
Y eso mal que bien a mi me consolaba.

Te me desapareciste
Como agua entre mis manos,
Solo han sido tres semanas y yo siento
Que pasaron muchos años. ♫

Best songs of Marco Antonio Solís

3. Tu cárcel

The bronze is taken by what is perhaps his best-known song internationally thanks to the enanitos verdes, a beautiful lyrics although a bit fiery.

♫ Más de mil cosas mejores tendrás
Pero cariño sincero jamás. ♪

Best songs of Marco Antonio Solís

2. Si no te hubieras ido

The silver in our case is for the song that almost unanimously elevates the choice of the rest of the Mexicans, why is this great song not at the top of our list? simply because it takes us back to sad moments while number 1 reminds us of happier moments.

♫ …era tan diferente cuando estabas tu
si que era diferente cuando estabas tu ♪

1. Más que tu amigo

We know that it is a unique choice to take our podium, however this song so danceable and positive is the one that in the writing reminds us of the best moments of our youth. Parties, dancing and tequila, in short Mexico, magical, musical in all its splendor.

♫ …que en esta noche no hay mas luna
que como tu me alumbre mas. ♪

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Best songs of Marco Antonio Solís
Best songs of Marco Antonio Solís

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