The 10 best Nightwish songs according to UachateC

Choosing the 10 Best Nightwish songs is a difficult and subjective task, but here is my list based on some criteria like popularity, musical quality, originality, and emotional impact.

Nightwish is one of the most successful and recognized symphonic metal bands, with a career of more than 20 years and 9 studio albums.

Their music combines elements of classical music, folk, rock and metal, with lyrics inspired by fantasy, mythology, nature and literature.

Throughout their career, they have had three different vocalists: Tarja Turunen, Anette Olzon and Floor Jansen, each with their own style and personality.


Best Nightwish songs

10. Élan (Endless Forms Most Beautiful, 2015)

This song was the first single from Nightwish’s eighth album, Endless Forms Most Beautiful, and the first with Floor Jansen as official vocalist. It is an optimistic and melodic song that invites you to live life with passion and curiosity, inspired by the book

The Origin of Species by Charles Darwin. He has a catchy chorus, an Irish flute that gives it a folky edge, and a guitar solo that showcases Emppu Vuorinen’s skill.

Best Nightwish songs

9. The Poet and the Pendulum (Dark Passion Play, 2007)

This song is the longest on Nightwish, at almost 14 minutes long, and the first on the Dark Passion Play album, the first with Anette Olzon on vocals. It is an epic and dramatic song that tells the story of a poet who faces his own death by the pendulum of a guillotine.

It is a very personal song for the band’s composer and leader, Tuomas Holopainen, reflecting his feelings after Tarja Turunen’s departure from the band. It has several movements ranging from the heaviest metal to the most orchestral and choral parts, with a wide variety of instruments and voices.

Best Nightwish songs

8. Sleeping Sun (Oceanborn, 1998)

This song is one of Nightwish’s best-known and most beloved, and was included as a bonus track on the band’s second album, Oceanborn.

It is a melancholic and beautiful ballad about the solar eclipse that took place in Europe in 1999. Tarja Turunen’s voice shines with its power and sweetness, accompanied by a delicate piano and a majestic orchestra. The song has been re-recorded several times by the band with different vocalists and arrangements.

Best Nightwish songs

7. Ghost Love Score (Once, 2004)

This song is another Nightwish masterpiece, over 10 minutes long, and is from the band’s fifth album, Once. It is a complex and fascinating song that tells the story of an eternal love between two souls that meet again through time and space.

It has several changes of rhythm and atmosphere, from the most aggressive metal to the most lyrical and ethereal parts. Tarja Turunen’s voice hits impressive notes, while the orchestra and choir create an epic and magical atmosphere.

Best Nightwish songs

6. Nemo (Eleven, 2004)

This song was the first single from the album Once, and Nightwish’s most commercially successful to date. It is an emotional and powerful song that talks about loneliness and the existential emptiness felt by the protagonist, whose name means «nobody» in Latin.

Tarja Turunen’s voice conveys pain and hope at the same time, while the electric guitar and keyboards create a contrast between the dark and the light. The song has a memorable chorus that sticks in the listener’s mind.

Best Nightwish songs

5. Amaranth (Dark Passion Play, 2007)

This song was the second single from the album Dark Passion Play, and the first with Anette Olzon on vocals. It is an upbeat and energetic song that talks about the search for truth and beauty in a world full of lies and deception.

The song’s name refers to a mythical flower that never withers or loses its color. Anette Olzon’s voice is clear and expressive, and suits the more pop-rock style of the song well. The song has an infectious beat and a sing-along chorus.

Best Nightwish songs

4. The Phantom of the Opera (Century Child, 2002)

This song is a metal version of the famous theme from the musical by Andrew Lloyd Webber, based on the novel by Gaston Leroux. It belongs to Nightwish’s fourth album, Century Child, and is one of the few songs in which bassist Marco Hietala participates as lead vocalist.

It is an intense and dramatic song that recreates the duet between the ghost and Christine, the protagonists of the story. Tarja Turunen’s voice is operatic and sublime, while Marco Hietala’s voice is raw and powerful. The song has great guitar, drums and keyboard work, which give it a heavier touch.

3. Storytime (Imaginaerum, 2011)

This song was the first single from Nightwish’s seventh album, Imaginaerum, and the last one with Anette Olzon on vocals. It is a song inspired by the book and the film The Alchemist by Paulo Coelho, and by Tuomas Holopainen’s own childhood.

It is a song that celebrates the power of imagination and creativity, and invites you to daydream. Anette Olzon’s voice is dynamic and versatile, adapting to different parts of the song. The song has a cinematic and fantastic sound, with an orchestra, a children’s choir and an organ.

Best Nightwish songs

2. Wish I Had an Angel (Once, 2004)

This song was the third single from the album Once, and one of Nightwish’s most popular. It is a song that talks about carnal and forbidden desire between two people who belong to different worlds. It is a song that combines the hardest metal with symphonic metal, with great prominence of the electric guitar, drums and bass.

Tarja Turunen’s voice is angelic and seductive, while Marco Hietala’s voice is demonic and provocative. The song has an explosive and addictive chorus.

Best Nightwish songs

1. Wishmaster (Wishmaster, 2000)

This song is the one that gives its name to Nightwish’s third album, Wishmaster, and is one of the most representative of the band’s style. It is a song that talks about dreams and illusions that move us to move forward in life.

It is a song that mixes metal with folk, with influences from bands like Blind Guardian or Stratovarius. Tarja Turunen’s voice is impressive and nuanced, while the instruments create an epic and festive atmosphere. The song has an epic and unforgettable chorus that makes it a favorite with concert crowds.

Best Nightwish songs

best nightwish songs
Best Nightwish songs

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