The 60 best Radiohead songs according to UachateC

These are, in my opinion, the 60 best Radiohead songs:

(c) Radiohead is one of the most influential and experimental alternative rock bands, with a career of more than 35 years and 9 studio albums. His music ranges from grunge and britpop to electronica and art rock, always with a unique personality and a constant search for innovation.

Among his extensive repertoire, there are some songs that stand out for their quality, originality and emotion, and that have marked generations of fans and critics.

The 60 best Radiohead songs according to UachateC

1. Paranoid Android

It is the longest and most ambitious song of the band, with almost 7 minutes duration and four different sections that go from progressive rock to psychedelic pop.

It was the first single from his acclaimed album OK Computer (1997), and is inspired by the novel The Hitchhiker’s Guide to the Galaxy by Douglas Adams.

The lyrics reflect Thom Yorke’s paranoia, angst and discontent with modern society, while the music combines the complexity of Jonny Greenwood on guitar with Ed O’Brien’s vocal arrangements and backing vocals by the Boys’ Choir. Abingdon School, where the band was formed.

best radiohead songs

2. Weird Fishes – Arpeggi

It is one of the jewels of the album In Rainbows (2007), which was released independently and with a voluntary payment system by users.

The song is based on a constant guitar arpeggio that creates a hypnotic and enveloping atmosphere, accompanied by Phil Selway’s drums and Colin Greenwood’s bass. Yorke’s voice sings about wanting to escape an oppressive reality and plunge into an underwater world, where he hopes to find peace and love.

best radiohead songs

3. No Surprise

It is a melancholic and sweet ballad, with a simple but effective melody that contrasts with the dark and depressive lyrics.

It was the third single from OK Computer, and features a famous video clip in which Yorke is seen inside a helmet filled with water, while subliminal messages are read on a screen behind him. The song talks about boredom, suicide and resignation in the face of a meaningless life.

best radiohead songs

4. Everything in Its Right Place

It is the song that opens the album Kid A (2000), considered one of the most experimental and innovative of the band. With this song, Radiohead broke with their previous sound and entered the realm of electronic music, using synthesizers, samplers and vocal effects.

The lyrics are minimal and repetitive, creating a disconcerting and hypnotic effect. The song was used as the main theme of the movie Vanilla Sky (2001), directed by Cameron Crowe.

best radiohead songs

5. How to Disappear Completely

It’s another song from the Kid A album, and one of Yorke’s most emotional and personal. The song is based on a phrase REM singer Michael Stipe told him to deal with stress: “I’m not here, this isn’t happening”. The song combines acoustic elements with orchestral arrangements, creating a contrast between the intimate and the epic. Yorke’s voice expresses his desire to disappear completely and forget about the world.

best radiohead songs

6. Let Down

It is a song from the album OK Computer, which talks about alienation, loneliness and disappointment in the digital age. The song has a complex structure, with two guitars playing at different times and tunings, creating a polyrhythmic effect. The lyrics are poetic and metaphorical, using images such as «motorized transport» or «hanging by a thread.» The song culminates with a chorus that reads “one day, I am gonna grow wings”, expressing a hope for liberation.

best radiohead songs

7. Exit Music (for a Film)

It is a song from the album OK Computer, which was originally composed for the end credits of the film Romeo + Juliet (1996), directed by Baz Luhrmann. The song is inspired by the tragic love story of the protagonists, and has a gloomy and dramatic atmosphere. The song opens with acoustic guitar and Yorke’s whispery voice, building in intensity until it reaches a climax with distortion, drums and a chorus. The lyrics are a bitter and rebellious farewell, saying “we hope that you choke”.

best radiohead songs

8. Reckoner

It is a song from the album In Rainbows, which has an ethereal and luminous sound, with delicate percussion and subtle string arrangements. The song was written by Yorke on the piano, and was later adapted by the rest of the band. The lyrics are enigmatic and abstract, referencing themes such as reincarnation, karma, and justice. The song was praised for its beauty and elegance.

best radiohead songs

9. Street Spirit

It is the last song on the album The Bends (1995), and one of the band’s most popular. The song has a fast rhythm and a melancholic melody, with an acoustic guitar that creates an echo effect. The lyrics are pessimistic and nihilistic, and talk about death, suffering and the lack of meaning in life. Yorke has said that this song affects him emotionally every time he sings it, and that it represents «the dark side of Radiohead».

10. Jigsaw Falling Into Place

It is the first single from the In Rainbows album, and one of the band’s most rocking and energetic songs. The song has a frenetic rhythm and an electric guitar that creates a distortion effect. The lyrics narrate a night out, with chance encounters, alcohol and drugs, from the point of view of an ironic and disillusioned observer. The song has a sarcastic and critical tone, but it is also fun and danceable.

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