The 10 best songs of Andres Calamaro according to UachateC

Here are the 10 best songs of Andres Calamaro in our opinion.

Andrés Calamaro is one of the most influential and prolific artists of rock in Spanish. With a career spanning more than four decades, he has written and recorded hundreds of songs that have touched generations of listeners.

Choosing the 10 best songs from his extensive repertoire is a difficult and subjective task, but here I present my personal selection based on criteria such as musical quality, originality, lyrics and cultural impact.

The 10 best songs of Andres Calamaro according to UachateC

1. Flaca

It is perhaps his most emblematic and well-known song, a Latin rock classic that fuses Caribbean rhythms with electric guitars. The lyrics are a desperate and heartfelt declaration of love to an elusive and addictive woman. It was the first single from his hit album «Alta Dirt» (1997) and became a generational anthem.

2. Estadio Azteca

One of the few original songs that he included on his album “El cantante” (2004), a tribute to Latin music and its performers. The song, written by Marcelo Scornik, evokes childhood nostalgia and the loss of innocence through the metaphor of soccer and the mythical Mexican stadium. It has a catchy melody and an emotional performance.

3. Paloma

An acoustic and minimalist ballad that is part of his album «Brutal Honesty» (1999), a masterpiece of 37 songs that span various genres and styles. The song is a dedication to his daughter Paloma, born in 1996, and reflects Calamaro’s paternal love and tenderness. It is one of his most delicate and moving compositions.

4. Crímenes perfectos

Another gem from “Alta Dirt”, a powerful and forceful rock that tells stories of passionate murders with irony and sarcasm. The song has a memorable riff and an explosive chorus that invites you to sing at the top of your lungs. It is a sample of Calamaro’s narrative talent and musical versatility.

5. Te quiero igual

An optimistic and fun song that belongs to his album «La lengua popular» (2007), a more direct and accessible return to rock after several years of experimentation. The song is an ode to unconditional love and the acceptance of each other’s defects, with a humorous and carefree tone. It has an infectious rhythm and witty lyrics.

Best songs of Andres Calamaro

6. Loco

A song that is part of his album «El salmon» (2000), an ambitious and risky work that contains 103 songs spread over five albums. The song is an autobiographical confession by Calamaro, who defines himself as a madman who lives on the edge and regrets nothing. He has a bluesy air and a masterful lead guitar.

Best songs of Andres Calamaro

7. Tuyo siempre

A song that appears on his album «El regreso» (2005), a live recording of his successful tour of Argentina after four years of absence. The song is a passionate and dedicated declaration of love, with a simple but effective melody and direct and romantic lyrics. It is one of his most popular and chanted songs at his concerts.

Best songs of Andres Calamaro

8. Los aviones

Los aviones by Andrés Calamaro is a pop rock song that is part of the Brutal Honesty album, released in 1999. The lyrics talk about a man who wants to sleep and dream of his beloved, while he watches the planes go by through the window. The theme expresses the desire not to lose love and to do whatever it takes to keep it. The song has a soft and melancholic melody, with Calamaro’s scratchy voice and some piano and guitar arrangements.

Best songs of Andres Calamaro

9. Sin documentos

A song that belongs to the album “Sin documentos” (1993), the second album by Los Rodríguez, the group that Calamaro formed together with Ariel Rot, Germán Vilella and Julián Infante in Spain. The song is a social criticism of the situation of illegal immigrants, with acid and ironic lyrics and danceable and festive music. It was one of the great successes of the group and of Calamaro alone.

Best songs of Andres Calamaro

10. Mil horas

A song that Calamaro composed and performed when he was the leader of the group Los Abuelos de la Nada, one of the pioneers of Argentine rock in the 80s. The song is a satire on heartbreak and spite, with witty and fun lyrics and catchy and danceable music. It is one of the indisputable classics of rock in Spanish.

Best songs of Andres Calamaro

best songs of Andres Calamaro
Best songs of Andres Calamaro

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