10 best songs of Café Tacvba according to UachateC

In UachateC we choose the 10 best songs of Café Tacvba or at least our favorites of this band, one of the most important (perhaps the most) in the history of Mexican rock.

Café Tacvba has been in the Mexican music scene for more than 30 years and they have reinvented themselves countless times over this time, managing to change the music of this country forever.

As is customary in UachateC, we highlight our favorite phrases of each chosen topic.

10 best songs of Café Tacvba according to UachateC

10. La ingrata

The song of controversy, also its most famous and most chanted theme in all its concerts, a product of its times misunderstood by current political correctness, however a work of a spectacular caliber that shows for the first time to everyone that Café Tacvba came to put the name of Mexican music very high.

♫ Por eso ahora, yo sé que viniste
Porque te acuerdas de mi cariño
Por eso ahora que estoy tan triste
No quiero que nadie me mire sufrir ♪

9. Olor a gas

Perhaps the least known song of our top or at least performed by this group since it is a cover of the three of them in their tribute production. Why does it appear on this list with so many more well-known and laureates? Because it’s our list and this song reminds us of that year 2004 when we went to his 15-year concert and sang it loudly in a spectacular presentation.

♫ En la cocina hay olor a gas
Esta todo apagado
Hay luna en paz ♪

8. Aprovéchate

Our history turned into a song, pays premium fanism turned into a musical work, dignity tending to zero expressed by the best group in the history of our country, in a few words what we have all felt described by the best possible band.

♫ Aprovéchate de mí, de que estoy enamorado
Aprovéchate que al fin te encontraste con un hombre así ♪

10 best songs of Café Tacvba

7. El borrego

Another little-known song on a list that we were able to fill with eternal hits, but this song is proof that the RE is an unrepeatable work and the best creation of Café Tacvba and Gustavo Santaolalla, this album was considered the sergeant pepper of Latin rock, we always agreed more with those who compared it to the white album, for its musical eclecticism demonstrated more than anything in this subject, simply spectacular.

♫ Me gusta el heavymetal, me gusta el hardcore
Me gusta Patrick Miller y también me gusta el grunge
Me gusta la Maldita, me gusta la Lupita
Y escucho a los Magneto cuando esta mi noviecita ♪

10 best songs of Café Tacvba

6. Futuro

Undoubtedly the most glorious moments of this band were the last century and at the beginning of this, however, even in 2017 they continued to present great musical works and to show here is our number 6 that enters our list in representation of the great works they have done in the last years.

♫ Yo dije que no
Ella dijo sí
Yo dije que sí
Ella dijo no
Al final no importa, es algo que Dios ya decidió ♪

10 best songs of Café Tacvba

5. Quiero ver

Café Tacvba was not characterized by its great romantic ballads and even less when they were as poperous as it is, but although with «Eres» they had already shown us that they could do it with outstanding quality, in this other song they perfected what they had previously achieved and took it to levels of the greats of ballads for lovers.

♫ Te pido que me cures esta herida
Yo sé muy bien que no es tu obligación
Tan sólo si amortiguas mi caída
Será mi salvación, uoh-oh-oh-oh-oh ♪

10 best songs of Café Tacvba

4. Aviéntame (Amores perros )

This song is … it is another level in our life, it reminds us first of years of youth, partying, of the good life and then it reminds us like few songs of years of heartbreak to those moments in every life when love is gone » eternal «never to return. Great song, great memories.

♫ Te extrañaré, no mentiré
Me duele que no estés y tú te vas ♪

10 best songs of Café Tacvba

3. La muerte chiquita

Reves / Yo soy is probably the strangest work of this great band and although it is full of great musical moments in the history of Mexico, we are left with this symbolic theme about the peak of the love act expressing it with a prose never before equaled in the musical art of this country.

♫ Una cosa a Dios yo pido
Un segundo ser su dueño ♪

10 best songs of Café Tacvba

2. María

There is consensus both among music critics and in the newsroom that the peak of Café Tacvba’s career is in its infancy, starting with its first album to reach its peak with the RE, so it is very difficult for us to choose the themes of those times that should top this list however we love María is a perfect song in her mix of rock in Spanish and Mexican music and that is why she appears in second place in this count.

♫ Es María quien pena en las calleeeeeeeeeees ♪

10 best songs of Café Tacvba

1. Las Flores

The «RE» is perhaps the most important album in the history of Mexican popular music of the last 50 years and it is full of immense moments that work both alone and in a complete product and among all the impressive songs that it colman and that have not appeared in the list «El aparato, Esa noche, El metro, 24 horas, etc, etc» stands out this song that is one of the greatest successes of his career and the one that proudly stands out the best musical work of the history of our country.

♫ Yo te escucharé
Con todo el silencio del planeta
Y miraré tus ojos
Como si fueran los últimos de este país ♪

10 best songs of Café Tacvba

Honorific mention:


This song is not from the group but from Joselo’s solo adventure, however we met it when the group performed it at their 15th anniversary concert and it stayed in our minds for the rest of our lives and that’s why won an honorable mention in this count.

♫ Prefiero el dolor
A sufrir solo de imaginación
Prefiero morir
Antes que saber por otros de ti ♪

10 best songs of Café Tacvba

10 best songs of Café Tacvba

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