The 10 best songs of Radio Futura according to UachateC

We show you the 10 best songs of Radio Futura in our opinion.

Radio Futura was a rock group formed in Madrid in 1979 by the brothers Santiago and Luis Auserón, together with Enrique Sierra and Herminio Molero.

Throughout their career, they have experimented with various musical styles, from punk and new wave to funk, soul, and Latin music.

They dissolved in 1992, leaving a legacy of songs that marked several generations of listeners and musicians. These are some of his best works:

The 10 best songs of Radio Futura according to UachateC

10. Escuela de calor

It is perhaps the most emblematic and popular song on Radio Futura, included on their second album, La ley del desierto/La ley del mar (1984). With a contagious rhythm and lyrics that speak of urban alienation and youthful rebellion, Escuela de calor became a generational anthem and a Spanish rock classic.

Best songs of Radio Futura

9. Veneno en la piel

Another of the great successes of Radio Futura, belonging to their latest album, Veneno en la piel (1990). It is a song with influences from soul and rhythm and blues, which tells the story of a toxic and addictive relationship. The torn voice of Santiago Auserón and the wind section give it a seductive and dramatic touch.

Best songs of Radio Futura

8. Enamorado de la moda juvenil

The first song that made Radio Futura known was Enamorado de la moda juvenil, included in their debut album, Música moderna (1980). With a punk sound and ironic lyrics critical of consumer society, the song reflected the non-conformist and transgressive spirit of the band.

Best songs of Radio Futura

7. Corazón de tiza

Chalk Heart is one of the most tender and emotional songs on Radio Futura, dedicated to childhood love and nostalgia for lost innocence. It is part of the album La canción de Juan Perro (1987), considered by many to be the group’s best work, due to its fusion of rock with Caribbean rhythms.

Best songs of Radio Futura

6. Corazón de tiza

La negra flor is another gem on the album La canción de Juan Perro, inspired by the Cuban son and the novel El amor en los tiempos del cólera, by Gabriel García Márquez. The song tells the story of an impossible love between two young people who meet in a botanical garden.

Best songs of Radio Futura

5. A cara o cruz

A cara o cruz is a song that belongs to the album Tierra para bailar (1986), a compilation of versions and remixes that Radio Futura made with the British producer Richard Mazda. It is a Spanish adaptation of the song Heads or Tails, by the English group The Redskins, which talks about chance and destiny.

4. La estatua del jardín botánico

The statue of the botanical garden is a song that is part of the album De un país en llamas (1985), the third studio album by Radio Futura. With a darker and more experimental sound than his previous works, the song tells the story of a man who falls in love with a statue and goes crazy.

3. Semilla negra

Semilla negra is another song from the album La canción de Juan Perro, which shows the influence of reggae and dub in the sound of Radio Futura. The lyrics talk about the healing and liberating power of music, which is capable of germinating a black seed in the heart.

2. No tocarte

No tocarte is a song that also belongs to the album De un país en llamas, with a style close to post-punk and new wave. The lyrics express the frustrated and obsessive desire for an unattainable woman, which causes a feeling of anguish and despair.

1. El tonto Simón

El tonto Simón is a song that closes the album Veneno en la piel, with an air of farewell and homage to the origins of the band. It is a version of the song Simon Smith and the Amazing Dancing Bear, by British singer-songwriter Randy Newman, which talks about a man who makes a living making a bear dance. The song has a humorous and sarcastic tone, which contrasts with the sadness of the situation.

best songs of Radio Futura
Best songs of Radio Futura

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