The 10 best Rosalía songs according to UachateC

Rosalia is one of the most successful and recognized artists on the current music scene. Her blend of flamenco, pop, trap and R&B has won millions of fans around the world. But what are her best songs?

This is a difficult question to answer, since each one has its own style and personality. However, we have tried to make a selection based on the popularity, quality and originality of their tracks. Here we present the 10 Best Rosalía songs according to our criteria.

The 10 best Rosalía songs according to UachateC

10. Malamente

This was the song that launched Rosalia to international stardom. Badly is the first single from her second album, El mal querer, and combines flamenco with trap and urban sounds. The theme talks about a toxic relationship and the bad luck that accompanies the protagonist. The video clip, directed by Nicolás Méndez, is a work of art that shows Spanish culture with a modern and avant-garde touch.

9. Con altura

Con Altura is a collaboration with Colombian singer J Balvin and Spanish producer El Guincho. It is a reggaeton that pays homage to Latin music and the height that planes reach. The song was a worldwide success and won the Latin Grammy Award for Best Urban Song in 2019. The video clip, also directed by Nicolás Méndez, shows the artists on a plane full of color and fun.

Best Rosalía songs

8. Aute cuture

Aute cuture is another single from El mal querer that stands out for its catchy rhythm and its empowering message. The song talks about a secret club of manicurists who use their nails as weapons. The title is a play on words between haute couture (haute couture) and aute (author). The video clip, again directed by Nicolás Méndez, recreates a fashion show with a kitsch and extravagant style.

Best Rosalía songs

7. TKN

TKN is a collaboration with American rapper Travis Scott that fuses flamenco with hip hop. The song talks about loyalty and trust between members of a family or a group. The title refers to the initials of Tekken, a fighting video game. The video clip, directed by CANADA, shows Rosalia as the leader of a group of rebellious children who dance and have fun in the streets.

Best Rosalía songs

6. Dolerme

Hurting me is a pop ballad that Rosalía released during the quarantine due to the coronavirus pandemic. The song talks about the pain she feels when losing someone she loves and how she tries to get over it. It is one of Rosalía’s most intimate and emotional songs, which shows her most vulnerable side. The video clip is a static image of Rosalia lying on a bed with a nipple piercing.

Best Rosalía songs

5. Juro que

I swear it’s another pop ballad that’s part of El mal querer. The song talks about a woman who waits for her partner who is in prison and swears that she will be faithful to him until she gets out of it. It is a song that shows the influence of traditional flamenco in Rosalia, both in music and in lyrics. The video clip, directed by Tanu Muino, shows Rosalia and the actor Omar Ayuso in a dramatic love story.

Best Rosalía songs

4. Di mi nombre

Say my name is one of the most acclaimed songs of El mal querer. The song is based on a flamenco song called tangos from Granada and talks about sexual desire and feminine power. The lyrics contain references to the erotic book Delta of Venus, by Anaïs Nin, and to the Greek myth of Echo and Narcissus. The video clip, directed by Henry Scholfield, shows Rosalia in different settings full of symbolism.

Best Rosalía songs

3. Yo x ti, tu x mi

Yo x ti, tu x mi is a collaboration with Puerto Rican singer Ozuna that mixes Latin pop with reggaeton. The song talks about mutual love and complicity between two people who love each other. It is a fun and danceable song that shows the chemistry between Rosalía and Ozuna. The video clip, directed by Cliqua, shows the artists in different romantic and sensual situations.

2. La noche de anoche

Last night is another collaboration with a Puerto Rican artist, in this case Bad Bunny. The song is part of Bad Bunny’s third album, The Last World Tour, and talks about the memory of a passionate night between two lovers. It is a melancholic and seductive song that combines alternative pop with reggaeton. The video clip, directed by Stillz, shows Rosalia and Bad Bunny engulfed in flames as they embrace.

1. Pienso en tu mirá

Pienso en tu mirá is our choice as Rosalia’s best song so far. The song is part of El mal querer and talks about the obsessive and possessive love that the protagonist feels for her partner. The song has a hypnotic beat and deep lyrics that reflect the conflicting feelings of the relationship. The video clip, directed by CANADA, shows Rosalia surrounded by violence, money and blood.

Best Rosalía songs
Best Rosalía songs

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These are the 10 Best Rosalía songs according to our criteria, but surely there are many more that could be included in this list. What are your favourites? What do you think of our selection? Leave your opinion in the comments.

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